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    We’re a lesbian couple in central Virginia and we're raising a child. Oh my god. We had a child. Read the rest over at Butch…and Pregnant.
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    Reunited. #rubyreed @uberbutch #dinnercompanions #finally Upon hearing school is canceled for the day - Other kids: Yay! Snow day! My kid: I guess it’s a white day, mama. Sigh. #rubyreed #sleptin #disgruntled #snowday #montessorikids
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One, Two, Three…

You can keep your babies.  That’s what we’ve been saying for years.  We don’t want them.  You can have them.  We started counting the reasons why not to have kids:

Kids make a high pitched scream substitute for a whistle.
That kid is lying on the floor of Target bawling.
Some teenagers cook their pets.

See?  We can think of hundreds more.  But all of a sudden we had a change of heart.  Maybe it’s the ticking clocks – we do, after all, have two.  Or, maybe it’s our pregnant friends – dozens.  Regardless, here we are considering the options, the positives, the potential.  We’re thinking of being parents.

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