Simmer Down

In nothing short of a miracle, D made a phone appointment to go see a fertility specialist in early August.  This should, in no way, diminish my lovely and talented wife.  In fact, we are both to blame for our tendency to let things ripen before taking action.  That sounds nice, right?  Ripen.  Often it is nice, we took a year to move in together,  a year to find a grad program for me, a couple of years to find a new job, a year to settle on a house.  All good things that were only made better by preparation and planning.

We owe a good part of that to my cart-horse phobia.  I get absolutely paralyzed when thinking about what might happen if we so much as breathe a thought of accomplishment without solidly lining up the pieces and securing safety nets.  D, on the other hand, simply doesn’t rush anything.  She is content to window shop for hours, considering her multitude of choices, before jumping into a decision.  I suspect she feels satisfied knowing all her options while I feel satisfied knowing that I’ve conceived contingency plans for every option she dreams up.  Yes, I am exhausted.  Thank you for asking.

An excellent example of this?  Bookshelves.  We’ve wanted new shelves for four years and haven’t purchased.  In typical form, she has discovered 2.3 billion styles and colors available in every possible forum and I have considered each one very careful on a very simple 52 tiered evaluation system including wood tone, material, price, ability to fend off house animals and loom-yness.  In the interim we have used dumpster bookshelves (hey, free trumps almost all of my tiers), modular systems and boxes.  “Interim” does imply there’s an eventually final pick which I suppose we’ll get to.  Sooner or later.

So you can see that I was pleasantly surprised she called to make an appointment having neatly bypassed all of the simmering time we usually take to cook up a plan.  True, we’d made the decision to call some months ago, but when we’re talking years for the typical decision, months isn’t at all bad.  Perhaps this will be a baby hatching theme.  Only time will tell.

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