The First Visit

Getting pregnant seems almost too easy.  So far, each step has fallen into place more quickly than I could have imagined.  Even nature is cooperating.

The fertility clinic was a different doctor’s experience for me.  The waiting room was exceptionally pleasant (though every Martha Jefferson-associated waiting room I’ve been in has been pleasant) and the receptionists were kind.  As someone who dreads office visits and shakes at the sign of a white coat, it was a good way to ease into things.

Though we didn’t wait long, we had a string of interesting companions in the waiting area.  A forty-something woman accompanied by a teenager.  Three separate couples ranging from “Honey, your sperm is broken!” to giggling romantic “Aw baby, anything you do is just right *kiss kiss*”.  A woman alone who clearly knew the ropes.  Us.

I think we’re a pretty obvious lesbian couple.  We sit too close, whisper too gently.  We touch and smile at each other.  We look like a couple.  Maybe it isn’t obvious to folks for whom the world is very straight, but I think we’re wearing billboards if you only just look.  Even so, we were treated as well as anyone else by reception, other clients and the doctor.  Maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise, but it still is.  We’re still in Virginia.  We’re still in rural Virginia.

I also appreciated the frank can-do attitude of the doctor.  After a brief series of medical questions, he recommended some simple tests to make sure no obvious complication were lurking out there.  To me, that means weeks added on (not to mention my gut-twisting of paranoia about tests) but the doctor managed it as a blip on the radar.  We’re still full steam ahead.  Then he said something which I thought at the time was jest. “It’s almost too easy.”  And it has been.

So far, these folks have been more prepared, more efficient and more capably confident than any other physician’s office I’ve ever been to.  Insurance is kicking in where necessary because they did the legwork.  They made appointments for us, have answered every question we had and have been practically cheery while doing it.  They have sucked the stress right out of this sterile, medical attempt at conception.  Now the hard part.

matter of fact, easy as pie, “too easy”, friendlier than other doctors, waiting room?

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