That Was Last Month

People, the female body is a complicated place.  D and I thought we knew what was going on downstairs, but clearly we had no idea what sort of tricks our hormones could pull or how gullible we really were.  We actually had to go in for a blood test after the last IUI even though four. different. tests said that she wasn’t pregnant.  Four.

You might wonder why we kept trying.  I think it was three parts disbelief and one part delusion.  On the 10th day after the IUI she spotted ever so slightly.  It was too early for a period.  The nurse agreed, we agreed, and so we kept peeing.  She kept spotting.  Eight days this went on, negative tests, barely a brown spot on the paper.  Finally, 18 days after the IUI, we called the nurse and she called us in for a blood test.

We knew D wasn’t pregnant, but it was still hard to hear the news.  On the other hand, within an hour of the results she was hunched over in front of me, begging for two advil and a tampon.  I never thought I’d be so happy to see a period in my life.  At least we have a shot now at trying again this month.

On the bright side, several good things have come of this.  She can mow the lawn again (it needs to be cut and let me tell you, we weren’t about to shake any potential babies loose).  She can drink the beer that is crowding the bottom of my fridge (this will greatly improve the start of the NFL season).  We’re going to the amusement park.  And, happily, the days have been much less stressful now that I’m not asking for constant updates on the status of her vagina.  I think we can call that aces all around.

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  1. I don’t wonder anything – that all seems quite normal to me. It’s a complete mind-trip, exacerbated by the fact that your body gets in on the game. I know it all too well. *hugs*

  2. i’m so sorry the last cycle didn’t work for you two. we can exchange symptom notes again this go around! keeping fingers crossed. 🙂

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