See Your Cervix, One Day at a Time!

We’re back to predicting ovulation.  Don’t you want a crystal ball?  Or some sort of genie in the cervix?  Oh most noble birth givers, the day and minute of your ovulation will be September 24th at 2 in the afternoon just before tea! Unfortunately, she’s peeing on sticks and that’s decidedly less dramatic and fulfilling.

After the unpredictable and, frankly, miserable period at the beginning of the month, we’re not even sure there will be an egg this month.  Does that even happen?  I’m a librarian, for pete’s sake, you’d think I could look it up.  I mean, she bled.  But it was weird and long and well, like having a teenage drama queen in her uterus.  So did the little princess storm and slam doors so much that she knocked the egg right out onto the floor?  Okay, yes, I know that analogy lacked finesse.  I think I made up for it with the genie in the cervix.

Despite the presence of what appears to be a gooey, lovely home, we’re goose eggs with the ovulation predictors.  On the ridiculous side of things, I’m more stressed about having ovulation on a weekend (Hi there, Saturday, you’re looking pretty today).  She doesn’t pee on that thing til 11 and we were specifically instructed to call for an appt. before 8.  Of course, the instructions also say to use the second trip of the day, not the first.  So she’d have to get up around 3 in order to have enough time to gather resources and produce results before 8.  But, the rules also say that she try the same time each day.  Which means she’d have to get up at 3 every day and, let me tell you, taking most of this woman’s coffee away every day is punishment enough.

So, if Saturday is particularly persuasive (did I mention you were looking more slender lately?) we’ll get proof of impending ovulation tomorrow and then have to wait until Sunday at 8 to call to schedule?  It’s hard to say.  On the other side, I’m reluctant to grind Saturday and Sunday (have you been working out?) into the ground because, really, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to try another IUI this month and it just seems like it has to be soon, or not at all.  But we all know bodies don’t work like that.

Oooh, and there’s this!

Genie.  Heh.

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  1. I have to wonder whether what happened to you was what happened to us a couple of months ago. I wouldn’t have recognized it as an early miscarriage if I hadn’t given birth before and recognized the mini mucous plug and little bit of amniotic fluid. I would have just thought it was a late and strange period. I never had a positive pregnancy test. If that’s what happened, then she very well may not ovulate this month, but that’s probably for the best. She will again. 🙂

    • We definitely considered that might be the case. Almost as if the egg fertilized, tried to implant and then failed. She’s definitely never had a period quite like that before and once she finally got around to bleeding, it was much worse than expected. All I can hope is that her body figured out what to do and we’ll be all set this time.

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