Suddenly, I’m incredibly superstitious and old fashioned.  I don’t generally think of myself as old-fashioned, preferring to think that I’m open-minded!  and progressive! and outrageous!  but apparently those things don’t apply to babies.  Or wanting to wear my hair covered (I wish I had a reason) and considering exposed ankles a crime (folks, give me a week and I’ll be there for sure).  But babes, oh my.  Living with me is like living in the 1800s.

No baby clothes.  No baby furniture.  No painting, decorating or dreaming.  That’s pretty much the bottom line, isn’t it?  No dreaming.  The idea of preparing for something that could never happen, or worse, be snatched away makes my heart chill.  I don’t want to tell anyone til we’re well in.  I don’t want to know the gender.  I don’t want gifts in my home.  No mom, you can’t make a quilt.  I’m nervous about even saying anything with the word baby near it.

I also can’t believe I’m writing here, except that I would be crazy without a place to speak.  So, in order to make myself feel less awkward about insisting we clear out underneath the bed and then stop. cleaning. there., gussying up the family and children chi areas in the house, and crafting little fertility ladies out of clay, I googled pregnancy superstitions.  Oh friends, don’t do that…

Owls under the roof cause miscarriage.
Be careful what you say.
Get thyself to a fertility statue!
No knitting.

Let’s just say I won’t be sharing the photo of D wearing our fertility mask.  Yet.

I wish I could be giddy with baby shoe buying excitement but it won’t be real until a baby is here.  Surprise, surprise.  Does anyone have my smelling salts and fainting couch before I get all Victorian on you?



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  1. FWIW, my wife and I got the same way. we’re not in the least bit superstitious, but oh man did TTC make us so. I even wrote a post about it at one point, if I can ever find it again.

    (And J, who was raised Orthodox Jewish until 8, often likes to cover her hair, though mostly now only does it when we go to services. *g*)

    • I was a bit old-fashioned to begin with (when did I get so alarmed at kids these days showing their navels? you’d think I was sixty!) but it’s worse now!

  2. So many things can go wrong with conception, pregnancy, and childbirth, that I think being superstitious is hardwired into us.
    The first day of my current cycle I restrung an amber necklace (which has a story of its own) onto heavy-duty fishing line and added a small pendant which some people would call a fertility symbol. I immediately put it on my neck. If I did conceive this month, I plan to wear it for the entire pregnancy, remove the pendant, and give the amber to the child. I feel completely silly about this and haven’t mentioned it to anyone until now.

    • then you probably wouldn’t be weirded out knowing what we did with the clay statue we made and the water sitting in the moonlight…

  3. No, I probably wouldn’t. 🙂

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