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I think we’ve been more nonchalant this cycle.  We (okay, let’s be honest, I) haven’t been calling friends with updates.  I haven’t given my sister a cervical mucous play-by-play (something for which I’m sure she is eternally grateful).  We aren’t checking (well, not obsessively) the bumpiness, translucency and tenderness of her breasts.  I think we’ve taken a more relaxed approach.

I’d like to continue on in this state of gently waiting but we’ve got to go in for a blood test tomorrow to check her progesterone.  I suppose we could stay away, but Best Of suggested it and it appears he knows what he’s talking about – best of… and all.  I don’t know what to expect with this test.  I’m pretty sure about a couple of things – it will tell us whether or not she ovulated; it won’t tell us if she’s pregnant; and there’s a number that we should be above.  Is it that simple?

As far as we know, she isn’t infertile and so there’s no reason to expect that she isn’t ovulating after that happy little smiley shows up.  And, since Soap Opera told us there was only a 25% chance of conception with each attempt, it seems perfectly plausible (though not reasonable, if you ask me) that she ovulated but didn’t conceive last time.  But we’ll go for the test and I’ll try not to be terrified of hearing what number comes out.

Because as long as we’re here, gently waiting with no numbers (happily ignorant), she could still be pregnant.  That might be the most heartbreaking thing about this simple blood test.  Though it won’t tell us if she is or isn’t, it will tell us if there wasn’t a chance at all (if I understood the Internet correctly – though it lies, so who can tell?) and that will be disappointing.  Regardless, tomorrow is coming whether we want it to or not (and it will be 8 days after the iui, for those playing at home) and it’ll be over as quickly as it gets here.

(Here’s hoping.)

5 Responses

  1. Try not to worry about the number. Really. 🙂 Even with a not great number, as long as it’s over around, oh, 5, it still means that she ovulated, and can get pregnant. There are plenty of us out there with not great progesterone who aren’t technically infertile, and just need the little boost.

    Even when we resorted to meds (after the m/c, since my body wasn’t getting back to normal), my progesterone (which is supposed to get a boost by the meds, which give you a stronger ovulation than your body would normally do on its own) was still crappy low. But hey, supplements are there for a reason, and in the fall, with my crappy numbers (we hadn’t done a 7dpo test yet, so didn’t know my progesterone level was crappy until my beta), I got pregnant. (the m/c had nothing to do with the crap progesterone numbers, though.)

    Er, I’m rambling, aren’t I?

    On a natural cycle, over a 10 is fantastic. It may be higher than that (a strong ovulation usually creates more progesterone, and so there are some women who have their levels tested at 7dpo, and it’s like, over 100), but that sadly doesn’t mean pregnant or not pregnant. It just means that her body is READY. Which is good. 😀 And if it’s lower than that, you can help it be ready.

    Really, all you NEED to hear is over about a five. That indicates that ovulation occurred. Past that (and really, even that information) is just to help you know what’s going on in her body. 🙂

    (can you tell that I”m one of those who thinks that, when we’re laying out so much – both in terms of money and emotional investment – it’s important to be armed with as much knowledge as possible? even if that knowledge is that nothing is wrong. :D)

    • That’s really helpful information! We’ll get the number back tomorrow but it’s a non-event really, right? She’ll either be pregnant at the end of the week, or not. 🙂

  2. Yup – a non-event. 🙂 Just good info to have!

  3. I’m glad to hear you’re not going quite so crazy this month – maybe. Since you say there’s supposed to be a 25% chance of conception in a given month with IUI if all is well, I thought I would run some numbers for you, because well, I’m a mathematician so this is how I approach the universe 🙂 The data below is n, and the probability of conceiving in n months of IUI (with all the assumptions about everything being healthy and normal).
    n P
    1 25%
    2 43%
    3 58%
    4 68%
    5 76%
    6 82%
    7 87%
    8 90%
    9 92%
    10 94%
    11 96%
    12 97%

    Only one in four women is lucky enough to conceive with her first IUI, and approximately one out of four average, healthy, women is unlucky enough that she won’t have conceived after five months of IUI. Nearly everyone will have conceived after a year.

    I hope this makes you feel better instead of worse, since I don’t know much about your affinity for numbers, or lack thereof.

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