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After Midnight

I can’t count the number of times I’ve thought of writing.  Several times a day.  Maybe more than that if I’m honest.  I’m not sure what’s stopping me.

Right now, I’m sitting in the basement, wide awake, hoping that D is getting a good night’s sleep upstairs.  She’s been so exhausted lately.  She’s practically falling asleep walking between 2 and 5 in the evening.  Though I wish I could find a magic remedy somewhere, I know it’s the hormones and a growing child running her into the ground.  What can she eat, what can she drink, how can she move to get that little bit of extra energy that she needs?  But, I know we can’t beat what’s happening inside her right now and the best remedy may be embracing the exhaustion and providing as many opportunities for rest as I can.

So I can’t sleep.  At least I’m prepared for sleepless nights with a child!  Seven and a half months early.


5 Responses

  1. Nothing will give her the extra energy but for time (i.e. the 2nd trimester). However, naps are a very good thing, and if she can manage a lunchtime nap in there, she may be able to make it even until 8! 😉 And if she needs to be alert, remember, she can have up to 300mg a day (which is a few cups of regular coffee, one or two starbucks drinks, depending on the drink, or some soda).

    Heeeeeeeee. I love it. Not that YOU’RE awake, though. I hope you got some sleep. (Says the girl asleep at 12:45 and awake at 5:30. ugh.)

    • if only she could take naps all day! we’ll look forward to the second trimester. actually, I’m kind of enjoying every last second of this one!

      • Heh. Well, if only we all could! But does she get a lunch break? I slept through my lunch, and ate at my desk, for most of the whole first trimester – actually starting about a week after the insem.

      • that’s brilliant – did you have a place to lie down or did you just put your head ont he desk?

  2. I ended up telling people at my work yesterday because I was tired of acting strangely (snacking all day, needing naps, sitting when I would normally have been walking around, etc.) while pretending everything was normal. The worst thing to me about the first trimester is having to deal with all the effects of pregnancy while pretending everything is normal because it’s too early to say anything.

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