Two Weeks Later

My family has been visiting for two, long weeks.  Not that we don’t love them, we do.  We’re lucky to both have parents who are supportive, love us and gently give advice without bossing us around.  That’s all anyone could ask for right?  More than just welcome for family’s sake, we’re  delighted when they visit because they make pie, bring tools they no longer need, let their dogs rough-house with ours, repair things, build things, do electrical work and take things we no longer want.  I am thrilled to be rid of our generator.  Seriously.

The best part of having them was the ability to break them softly into the idea of a new grandchild in a different sort of family.  Though one of my sisters has two kids, their practically fundamentalist family is a far stretch from our own.  By living with us, my parents and grandmother were able to hear us talk more about the baby, see that we’re sane and normal and, have a chance to ask some of the questions that are better asked in person.  It was good for us, too.  While they were here, we talked more about the future than we usually would and I had a chance to loosen up a bit.   Not that my terror about something going wrong has abated but, by talking about it, I got to experience some of the joy of planning that I’d been avoiding.  And that outweighs the anxiety.

That said, I cannot wait to sit with my wife this evening, watch tv and go to bed early.  Can’t wait.

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  1. It sounds like it was a wonderful and productive visit. I do, however, relate to the relief of seeing family go after that long!!

  2. Congrats on the pregnancy!!

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