You Be The First

Perhaps it isn’t yet clear to you gentle reader, but we don’t have the slightest idea about being pregnant.  I say that with sarcasm as it’s already blatantly obvious that we are stumbling around in the dark embrace of ignorance.  I promise you, we’re trying to change!  I even read one whole pregnancy book!  Okay, not word for word. I admit, I skimmed.  At least, I read chapter headings.  Fine, I was mainly looking for information about what having an orgasm does for (or against) the little one.  But I did read it.  In some sense of the word!

One thing that still remains a mystery is (Okay, there are many things.  Fine, everything) is how many weeks along she is.  See?  I told you we were bumbling about.  I know this is simple math, but the internet, she is persuasive and goes against all of our mad trigonometry skills.  We don’t have any basic adding skills, I admit.  We’re going to be useless until that kid gets into higher math (Fine, any math).

Back to the subject at hand.  How many weeks along is she?  I need to know this because the people we keep accidentally telling keep accidentally (or on purpose, you can’t trust them for anything) asking when the baby is due.  Apparently, the month of June isn’t sufficient.  We’re somehow supposed to know how many weeks along she is.  I assume they’ll expect us to keep track of our child’s age next.  Which, seriously, do people do that?

So here’s the thing – Soap Opera’s office told us when they wanted to see us and we assumed that would be at eight weeks.  We’re going on Monday.  They know when we conceived – probably September 27th.  Is it really eight weeks?  Calculators say our due date is June 20th which only makes it seven weeks Sunday.  Why can’t we figure it out?  So you be the first – how many weeks along are we?  I’m sure you’ll tell me it’s seven.  But maybe you could lie and say eight because then D will hopefully have one less week of feeling nauseous before she wakes up.

That said, we’re going tomorrow anyway then we can debate about who’s right.

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  1. The week counting is pretty confusing! You do start counting from the date of her last period. So it depends on when that was!

    Looking forward to hear the results of the dr.’s visit!

    • You all must be SO excited to have that baby almost here! I’ll let y’all know what soap opera says, we figure he’s bound to be as authoritative – almost – as the internet.

  2. I’d say you should be about seven weeks. I ovulated on Monday, and D on the following weekend, and I’ll be 8 weeks tomorrow. If she has a regular-length cycle, then count from the beginning of her last period. If she doesn’t have a 28 day cycle, count from when she ovulated (because you know that for certain) and add two weeks. 🙂

  3. Count from the first day of the last period. Unless you know your ovulation is severely off CD14. (i.e. mine was CD21, so I use two weeks before then.)

    Just wait until you try to figure out pregnancy “months” ha ha ha.

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