Would You Believe SIX?

Only 6 and a half weeks.  Seriously?

I know I should soak up every last second of enjoying my wife and our life as a footloose and fancy free couple.  Well, as footloose as one could can be when one’s beloved wife is looking a bit grey in the gills.  Actually, I am enjoying being with just her.  We have a lovely little life and enjoy each others company very much.  So I appreciate knowing we have time to prepare both personally and together.

That said, Best Of says she’s just six and a half weeks.  She might have just produced an egg yesterday for all six and a half weeks is.  I’m disappointed.  Silly, isn’t it?  But I’d hoped for at least seven.  Look – there’s so few weeks that I can’t even use real numbers yet.  Six, not 6.  It’s just that eight weeks is so much more exciting and, frankly, it’s closer to 12 and that’s what I’m really looking forward to.

I mentioned she was looking a little grey.  She’s  feeling queasy, though not (yet?) throwing up.  I hear her munching crackers in bed before I wake up and she her take a pause before she takes the first bite of breakfast.  She does have a strong stomach though and so I think she’s escaping some of the worst of the nausea.  In the last week, she’s also begun to feel faint.  Oooh, queasy and faint.  It’s almost as good as a roller coaster.

So Best Of has kicked us out to an OB and while we’ll miss both his bow tie and his tightly subdued happiness at having knocked us up, we’re delighted to have graduated to the next step.  Off to see a nurse on the 11th and then the doc on the 20th.  What a lovely birthday present.

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  1. Congrats on graduating to the OB! It’s a big step. Trust me, the weeks will start to fly by. I hope that she feels better…the snacking throughout the day definitely helped me keep the nausea away.

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