Stay On your Side

While I have lots of quirky sleep habits, including such gems as sleep swatting spiders and sleep pantomime, I am not a sleep bedhogger.

Don’t listen to my wife.

Right now, the one taking all the mattress space is the cat.  Though he doesn’t sleep with his limbs splayed or steal the covers, he does form himself into an immovable brick that forces D into the center of the bed.  Once he creeps up to his traditional spot on the sheets between her and her bedside table, I can forget about taking my half of the middle.  We both clamor for whatever space the cat has given up.

Whether she knows it or not, things are about to change.  She’s about to take up a whole lot more space in the bed.  And if she thinks my tossing and turning is notable now, just wait til she’s ordering me to do it from the other bedroom so that she, the cat and the baby can take what’s rightfully theirs.  Here, Graphjam has helpfully illustrated it for you:


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  1. I enjoyed your post – made me smile! In the later weeks of the pregnancy, we’ve just totally given up on sleeping together because I’m so tossy-turny. Now S. gets a whole bed, with cats, to herself. 🙂

    • I’ve heard that from other folks as well – off to another bedroom just so everyone can get as much sleep as they can. By the way – you must be down to one hand now counting days!

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