Symptom of the Week

Since late last week, exhaustion has been falling down the symptom chart while nausea has reached number 1.  Other symptoms continue, of course, and I’m sure we’ll see one of those rear an ugly head in the future (I’m looking at you, constipation).  But for now, queasy is firmly symptom 1.

Last night I went to bed before she did.   She was out cold the second her head hit the pillow while I lay there reading for a half a book more.  But this is a huge improvement over falling asleep on her dinner plate.  Though if she tried to do that now, I have no doubt that she’d get that look on her face – the one that says I’m not going to run, I’m just going to stand here while vomit overtakes my soul.

Mornings are a problem.  I spent a whole week hearing quiet crunching in the predawn hours and adding saltines to the grocery list.  It isn’t just mornings anymore.  It’s making the coffee, the scent of the microwave, rotting pumpkins in a bush.  Mercifully, she’s avoided actually throwing up, but she can’t help turning positively green when the breeze blows crooked.

Ginger should be helping, but it seems to have no effect, positive or negative.  But tart and sour things are amazing.  Crisp apples.  Lemon juice on crisp apples.  Lemon juice in water.  Probably actual lemons.  Also, pickles.  I live with a pregnant woman eating pickles.  Go figure.

We’re off to see a nurse at the new office tomorrow.  Here’s hoping we love them as much as Best Of!

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  1. Lemon worked WONDERS. I never even tried ginger. (Good thing, as I don’t like it. XD) If she can manage it, have her try grazing all day. That helped, too, so much more than trying to eat actual meals.

    Loads of water, loads of fiber, try to keep the constipation at bay, as it’s HORRIBLE when it comes! 😀

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