Well, not scarlet itself, but a baby toasting fever none-the-less.  I admit, while I was worried about her having a cold (worried as in…do we need to run out for more tissues again?), a fever has generated more worry than I’m comfortable with.

And of course, this brings our somewhat spotty knowledge of pregnancy to the forefront again.  Do we call the OB or the GP?  We’ve decided to go with the OB and let them direct us back to our family doctor.  Then we’ve at least covered all the bases.  While there’s not much to be done, we’ll know how much Tylenol can be aimed at the fever without damaging anything.

So, fair warning, don’t inhale in her direction.


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  1. Ugh. I’m sorry to hear that she’s sick after all. 😦 Blergh.

    I hope you hear back from one of your doctors quickly. I’ve always been told as long as it’s not exceeding the package recommendations per day, then however much tylenol you need is fine. (Also okay: pseudoephedrine for congestion – but NOT phenylephrine, the stuff that’s OTC – and various tylenol cold stuff, as long as you check the other ingredients to make sure they’re not verboten. Do you know about ? It has a search engine so you can find out if drugs are class B or C – or even D. there are pretty much no A. XD) Hope this passes quickly.

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