Thank You

We’ve been pressing forward on faith lately.  Faith that nausea meant a baby and that all those other little symptoms were adding up to a thriving possibility.  It has been a month since we last saw a doctor about being pregnant and, since then, faith.

On Wednesday we had an appointment with a doctor who looked just like me.  She was my wife’s type, a smiling, healthy, blonde and it made it just a tiny bit easier to let her break out the lube and a glove.  Dr. M was happy for us and completely comfortable with our relationship.  It’s a constant concern for me, this issue of acceptance, and I was almost as grateful that she was welcoming as I was to hear the heartbeat.

To. Hear. The. Heart. Beat.

She took us by surprise, whipping out the small machine and greasing up D’s belly lickety-split.  Afterwards, she confessed that she often doesn’t try with couples at ten weeks if they appear stressed out or high-strung, the chance of not finding it is too stressful for the panicked.  I was relieved that we appeared nonchalant because I didn’t feel relaxed, I felt like I wanted to take her by the shoulders and say SHOW ME MY BABY.

The little whoosh whoosh was extraordinarily gratifying.  Actually, that doesn’t even begin to do it justice.  It was phenomenally humbling.  If we’ve taken this at all lightly so far, shame on us.  That lovely little heartbeat was normal and we go back for an ultrasound in two weeks.

That’s all I’ve got to say – thank you.

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  1. awe, congrats! must have been music to your ears!

  2. Simply wonderful!!

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