And now for more of the same…

We spent thanksgiving with 3 month old twins.  Their mothers came too, which was lovely, as four on two is better than any lesser alternative.  Though we saw the babies the day they were born, it has been more than a month since I’ve seen them last.  That’s like me not having see you in the last 15 years (you look different, lovelier).  The twins are bigger and stronger.  It’s fantastic to see the whole family bouncing back from the chaos of the last few months.

It was also fantastic to spend time with babies.  We’re in a pretty adult world.  Our local friends have grown children (or none at all) and while many of our local acquaintances are part of the under 2 set, we don’t know them well…yet.  Happily, our couches held up to fountains of undigested formula and our home to the tasks of keeping babies clean, fed and warm.  We were able to put our recently acquired cosleeper to use and found it worked nicely.  Most importantly, our personalities and good humor held up.

I’m sure it will be different with our own child (isn’t that what you’re supposed to say here?) but I was pleasantly surprised at our ability to let the tears and the screams roll off, plans develop gently and change at will, and experience the peaceful feeling of hearing the baby settle from red-faced sobs to sleepy coos.  Honestly, I didn’t even mind the shrieks.  If I were a baby, I’d be hollering too.  Two days wasn’t long enough to let the tiredness and tension build and break, but it was enough to bolster my confidence.  I know exactly what I’m doing.  Mostly.

I’m impatient to get fully past 12 weeks so that we can tell folks in the traditionally acceptable time frame.  I’m ready to tell now – doctor’s appts. have started, she’s exhausted and, if you know her well, she’s beginning to show.  I’m sure her belly will sneak around under bulky sweaters and the like for several more months (though we’re not trying to hide anything).  It’s just a subtle change that I notice because I spend all my free hours looking at her body.  What?  She’s hot!  Even though we have no reason to expect anything will go wrong, I’m looking forward to the ultrasound in another couple of weeks.  Mid-December we’ll get to spill the beans.

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  1. Heh. J feels the same way about looking at my body. It sometimes makes me a bit self-conscious. Okay, a lot self-conscious. But it’s also happy making. 😀 So happy for you!

  2. Hey, thanks again for your comment on my blog. I’ve just spent some time catching up with yours and am very much enjoying it–your writing is hilarious & awesome.

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