Less Snow, Less Shoveling

I have done more raking and shoveling this year than I ever expected to do.  As the brawn in this relationship, she is the designated lifter, hauler and forcer.  I flutter my hands and provide helpful suggestions.  Or bossy suggestions, depending on who you ask.

Vegas means that she takes it easy while watching me strain and groan under loads of groceries, bits of furniture and, most recently, piles and piles of wet snow.  To her credit, she isn’t lolling about demanding figs and grapes.  She’s standing by with hot tea, a pair of advil, a grateful hug.

Let me tell you, I am delighted at the idea of a weekend without shoveling.  A weekend where I can focus on my favorite pursuit…listening to all the things happening with our baby.  The latest?  Less nausea (yay!), a bit more fatigue (more veggies maybe?), she’s more feisty and so is Vegas (pinching, fluttering and stretching against her organs), and she’s not sleeping as well (see pinching, Vegas and fatigue, causing).  Most exciting?  She’s showing.

Here’s a pic from SnOMG! 2009:


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  1. Yay for showing!!

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