We take an alternative approach over here.

When we were trying to get pregnant, we employed a number of strategies that could work or could at least make us feel like we were doing something to make it work.  First, there was laying on of hands in the doctor’s office.  Positive visualization.  Admittedly, she carried around an African fertility sculpture on her stomach for a while.  It’s in our house anyway, why not put it to good use?  And now she can recharge it for the next person who needs a little nudge.

After the first attempt, we emptied the under the bed area, let the dust settle and left it alone until conception.

We charged up some rainwater during a full moon and were fully prepared to pour seashells-full over her business should it be required (it wasn’t).  We spent a quiet evening during the waxing moon molding fertility statues out of natural clay (though we couldn’t dig it ourselves).  We tried to infuse the sculptures with positive, directional thoughts and dreams.  She went for the a small woman statue and I went with a frog.  She dabbed a bit of menstrual blood on the little fertility figurine and let it dry in a quiet spot.  Dirty, but powerful.

Once she conceived, we bought a healthy plant and she buried the little statue among its roots.  I have an irrational fear of that plant dying but I’m not sure we could have done anything else with that little figurine.  I would have like to bury it at the base of a tree that she cared for, but I don’t have a sense of our trees or any certainty that the dog wouldn’t dig where we planted her.

There’s more than a fair amount of planning around the principles of feng shui in the nursery.  And I’m sure, as she gets further along, I’ll be employing more herbal remedies and tonics.  I only want to use things I have confidence in and that will probably mean sticking to external solutions until we get near the very end.  Interestingly, despite our relationship to nature and alternative solutions, we chose to use an obstetrician for our care.  We’re very happy with that choice.  We’re even alternative to alternative.  Go figure.

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