Baby Roulette!

According to some sources, we’re nearly to the third trimester.  Though, I’m not sure I believe any one source since the actual definition of trimester is three months.  By my math (and assuming the first trimester ends at 13 weeks), 26 weeks is the end of the second trimester.  But that leaves more than 14 weeks at the end.  So I suspect that they’re sneaking extra weeks into the second act, making the end of halftime week 28.

Regardless, it’s late enough to start employing highly sophisticated tests to guess the sex of the baby.  I’ll be you’re as excited as I am, particularly since you’ve never seen anyone do this before.  EVER.  I’ve got about 50 predictors (way more than one per week) so I’ll drop a few on you here and there.  Feel free to play along at home!

Baby Roulette Question 1: Heartbeat

Fetal heart rate above 140: Girl.  Below?  Boy. Vegas’ heart rate dropped from the 150s down to 138 at the last visit.  That nets us a baby boy.  Given the fact that the heart rate has been falling, when do you expect they mean you to apply this tricky tale?  A month ago, we could have claimed girl.  Now we’ll have to turn in the lacy bloomers for a sailor’s cap.

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  1. I have to put in my vote for the ring-on-the-string method. I’ve heard rumors that it’s never wrong. It was certainly right for us, and we did it only two weeks in.

  2. I never tried the ring on the string method, but I know folks who swear by it. When we announced on the blog which we were having, I went through the various old wives’ tales and which they said, and it was split pretty evenly down the middle. So I don’t trust any of them. XD

  3. I think you’ll have a girl! I just have a feeling… but, I’m not psychic or anything, so…. The heartbeat thing was right for us. About half way through (before we got the official word) I had a strange shock of a realization one day that the baby was simply a boy– no doubt thereafter. Maybe I’m only a little psychic for myself?

  4. um, i just knew it was a girl. i even called the babe pepita in utero. and people asked, well, what if it’s a boy??? that wasn’t going to be a problem because i just knew it was a girl.

    i had like this motherly feeling. yes, weird. but gut usually is right.

  5. Don’t worry, the ring on a string and women’s intuition are coming up. No stone will be left unturned.

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