Baby Five Card Draw – Girl pulling ahead.

In the middle of my lull, I haven’t even been guessing at Vegas’ sex.  I know.  All the fun has been sucked from my life.  So, I bring you the next edition of the baby game.

Apparently, people who spend a lot of time staring at pregnant women have developed a hugely scientific formula for determining whether there’s a boy or girl lurking beneath that bump.  And really, they aren’t looking at the bump at all most of the time, because breasts figure prominently in the divination list.

Baby Roulette Questions 5 – 16: Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

First, let’s get to the good stuff.  Knockers.  Asymmetry predicts gender.  A larger left breast, boy and larger right breast girl.  If they look the same, does that mean you’re having one of each?  Furthermore, if the areolae have darkened then you’ve got a little man while staying the same indicates a girl.  D’s breast are lovely and perfect, but she’s got a slight slant to the right.  And I think we’re getting some darkening, though it isn’t at all pronounced.  Sorry to share your business with the world, baby, but I think that means we’ve got a girl on both counts.

Not only are people trying to feel you up when you’re pregnant, you’ve got folks examining your face like it’s some sort of magic eight ball.  Some say a round and rosy face means a girl, and if we don’t have round and rosy, no one does.  Sadly, that round and rosy face just might be attacked by blemishes if it’s a girl.  And well, while my wife is gorgeous, she has also recently complained of hormonal activity on her skin.  I, of course, see nothing as I am blinded by her handsome visage.  In the end, they say the prettier the mama (and we’d win contests over here) the more chance of a son.  Score one for a boy Vegas, but throw two to a girl.

Let’s talk about extremities.  Legs getting bigger?  Boy.  Legs getting hairier? Boy.  Feet colder?  Boy. And for us, that’s girl, girl, girl.  It’s not all feet either, if you ask a pregnant woman to put out her hands and she shows you her palms, it’s a girl.  And f you ask D, you’ll get a lovely glance at her guitar playing badges on her palms.

Finally, there are three more body-based check boxes.  First, women who prefer to sleep on their left sides are probably carrying a boy.  Considering the fact that my wife would like to lay next to me, her eyes boring into the side of my brain as she tries to sleep on her right side, she’s carrying a girl.  If D were graceful through pregnancy that also would be a girl.  And finally, high levels of nauseousness in early pregnancy (which she had) point to a girl.  While my jury is out on the graceful bit, we’ve got two girl votes for certain.  And if pressed, I’d say she’s been more graceful since she’s been lugging that belly around.  But that easily could be interpreted as more careful.

Remember, we left off recently at girl 3, boy 1.  To that we’re tacking on another 11 girl votes, although several of those are in question as they were pre-existing conditions that are only conveniently falling into the girl category.  Taking in our boy plus one, that gives the girl a steady lead with 14 indicators while the boy stays in the back of the pack with 2.

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