Baby Texas Hold ‘Em

As if it isn’t enough to carefully examine a baby-lady’s belly, thighs and face for signs of testosterone, we can carefully look at what she eats to determine where to baby sex tides have taken us.

Baby Roulette: Questions 16-18

We’ve got three indicators here:

1.    Here the old adage holds true…sugar and spice and everything nice are what little girls are made of, in this case, chocolate, fruit and sweets.  And, if you consider that little boys are made of frogs and snails and puppy dogs’ tails, it’s not surprising that salty and sour things and meat and cheese points to a boy.  Since I’ve never seen D eat as much fruit as she has in the last seven months, I’m giving the point to a girl.  Though it should be noted that she drank lemon juice like it was going out of style in the first 12 weeks.

2.    Bread.  Remember how your grandmother used to refer to bad boys as heels?  Like, “He didn’t pin me at the prom.  He was a real heel.”  Maybe that is just my grandmother.  Not that a boy wouldn’t have pinned her as, she used to inform me, she had gorgeous gams.  Grandma is nothing but upfront.  If D preferred the middles of bread loaves, it would be a girl, but because she likes the ends, that’s one for a boy.

3.    Dracula always has liked the ladies.  According to lore, if the baby is a girl then any garlic D. eats would disappear unnoticed, leaving no scent to perfume the air.  On the other hand, if eating a clove of garlic leaves her dripping in the scent, it’s a boy.  I have recently experimented with feeding her many cloves of garlic…well, come on, I’m not fooling anyone.  I’m ALWAYS feeding us many cloves of garlic.  To this day, I haven’t caught a whiff of my ministrations on her skin.  Girl.

So, that’s one more for a boy and one more for a girl.  Two if you consider that lemon is also a fruit.  That brings the total to 16 Girl and 3 boy.

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  1. Hmmm… well, let’s see. While I was pregnant, I craved TONS of sweets, lots of fruit, cake, ice cream, etc. But, I had a boy. Yet, maybe my boy will be um…. a fabulous dancer. (Hopefully.) I don’t like the heels of the bread, but know a great trick to get a kid to eat them in a sandwich–turn the dark crust side in towards the fillings. They’ll never know! So, I never ate them. (Can’t trick myself.) As for garlic, I think it probably came out in my pores, but don’t recall.

    Personally, my internal crystal ball says girl for you guys, though. It’s just about time!

    But, if you have another boy to add to the mix, we’ve got lots for you!!

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