Baby Shower

You’ve never met two people who worked so hard not to get gifts.  Gifts!  Who doesn’t want presents?!  I know, we’re lunatics.  And we do want gifts.  We do.  Somewhere around the sixth month it started to sink in that, even with the extremely generous donations from our friends,  we were still going to need things.  And we expected to buy them.  But that’s a lot of things!  Those of you with babies are already shaking your heads.  I know.  I know!

Having a baby is like getting having a Wii.  Sure, it’s fun to look at and you can even enjoy it a little, but it needs ten thousand accessories to live up to its potential.   That’s right Vegas, I compared you to a game system.

At any rate, we’ve spent the better part of this pregnancy dreading a shower.  I just about die thinking of a bunch of people watching me (or her) opening gifts.  I’m the sort who can stand up and give a presentation just as smooth as can be in front of anyone you please but I can’t abide being watched.  You know.  Looked at.  Observed.  Gives me the fits.

But showers are like the semis of gift giving parties.  They will barrel you over.  They do not care if you are rescuing a puppy.  Better to just get the hell out of the road.  So we’re giving in in the interest of having some control.  We caved to my sister early on who has insisted that a virtual shower is acceptable in my family since we are located nowhere near each other.  Whether or not that’s appropriate has faded from discussion.  Just today we finally buckled under office tradition and agreed to one at work.  Yes, we work together.  No, it isn’t weird.  Mostly.

I can’t express to you my simultaneous terror that no one will show up and, if they do, that they will look at me or try to speak to me.  I have to prepare for this sort of thing now.  I only have a month and I’m not sure that’s enough time.  I’m going to rely on my wife to draw the small talk and soothing pats from the depths of her soul, because I cannot carry us on this one.  I’m also trying to think of it this way: the first time Vegas gives me lip about not going to that slumber party,  I’m going to give him a hug and take him out for ice cream instead.

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  1. I’m so glad to read we’re not the only ones not into the baby shower thing. We’ve got a friend insisting on giving us one – but her idea of fun in these instances and ours don’t match. We had to set down very firm rules against games!

    I’m still waiting to see just how many accessories our boy requires, we’re trying to keep it to a minimum.

  2. I remember feeling VERY observed at our wedding shower, and thusly, worried about how I’d feel for the baby shower. The watching didn’t go away at the baby shower, but luckily, I noticed that only a few guests actually stopped what they were doing (mingling, having snacks, etc.) to actually watch us open gifts, which was kind of a relief!

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