This is a surprise to everyone, including me.  I was so disappointed that our child birthing class was cancelled last week.

Somehow I’ve come to love them in their rough unfriendliness.  Their NASCAR caps and “jist like guttin’ a deer” C-Section remarks.  No seriously, I did not make that up.  Lucky for me, we’re taking a field trip to the hospital for our last class and that might provide excellent opportunities for shower remarks, gutting remarks and moments for the wives to beat the husbands with their purses.  No, really.  How did I stumble into Rosanne Barr’s reality?

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  1. Are you serious? Makes me wonder where you

  2. Well, that sounds… promising. Or something. Good luck.

  3. Ha! Where do you live?! At least they can provide you with some sort of entertainment when you are there… =)

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