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Maybe it’s being female (and all the cultural expectations that society puts on little girls, but let’s not get started) but I’ve spent most of my life thinking about how I’ll parent.  Without even meaning to, I catch myself thinking –  How would I handle that?  What would I say?  No no, not that.  Definitely NOT THAT..but maybe this.  And so on.  D and I do that together too – What would you do if Vegas did that?  Really?  That sounds good.  Now what if he does THIS? And so on.  We did this with the dog.  We’re STILL doing it with the dog.

Which brings me to this awesome post by someone who is not me.  And it’s even more awesome because of the Coors Light and the eleven year old.  I can’t wait to be a parent.


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  1. I so loved that post you shared! Too funny!

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