Closer Still

A month ago, we were gnashing our teeth when the daycare closed.  Rending our clothes and weeping at the possibility of being jobless, then homeless, the childless, all because of a lack of daycare.  Good fortune has reigned through June (it hasn’t had to try hard) and despite my mother and her crackpot ways, we are doing a thousand times better than we were in April or May.

We slipped, breathless, into a spot in a closer, university run daycare with qualifications that were more clean and attentive than makeshift and acceptable, barely. This alone is cause for celebration.

Also worth celebrating, we bought a car seat, put a sheet in the crib, got money back from the internet/tv company, consolidated cell phone plans and got a new, amazing phone, ditched our redneck childbirth class, and slept better.  And that’s only a couple of days into June!  Hurrah!


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  1. Woohoo! I love when things fall into place!

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