Looking back at the last 9 months, I feel like we handled the whirlwind of consumerism pretty well.  And now that the pre-baby gifts and pre-baby shopping seems to have come to an end, it’s getting more clear where we got lost in the baby registry shenanigans.  It’s also more clear that we did a pretty fair job sticking to our values, so that’s a relief.

Thing I’m most happy to have bought: Sun hat. This was a late, late acquisition and one I almost didn’t make since the redneck childbirth class tried to convince me babes under one year should never see the sun.

Thing I’m most happy to have received: Calendula diaper cream, lotions, etc.  Herbs are my thing and pot marigold is known for its soothing and healing properties.

Thing We Spent the Most Time Agonizing Over: Car seat. We researched and tried out and carried and pushed and pulled and swung and criticized and spied on billions of car seat brands.  We must have gone to Babies R’ Us six times alone just to look at car seats and strollers (and not buying anything else).  We ended up making a completely different choice than our chosen seat at the very end, and all because some designer, somewhere, thought to give my wife a racing stripe.

Thing We Spent the Most Time Agonizing Over That We Could Have Decided in Three Seconds: Stroller. We are baby wearers, baby carriers, and baby bossers.  We’re eventually going to go through a set of strollers and there’s no way I’m deciding on where to start until I can see the little darling sitting in one.  To start, I knew I wanted the snap in frame.  That didn’t stop us from constant sampling.  And rolling.  And turning. And spying.

Thing I’m Most Concerned We’ll Never Use: A tie – a family cradle and a playpen. Both gifts.  I’m worried that their life expectancy is short and simultaneous.  Will we get any use out of either?  Time will tell.

Thing I’m Most Concerned We’ll Wish We Had: A tie – a glider and a jump swing. We have a recliner (gliders made me seasick) and the jumper would mean a hole in our wood trim.

Thing We Received the Most Of: A three way tie – camo diaper bags, books and hooded towels. That should tell you what our friends think of us.

Thing We Wish We’d Returned: A bowl and plate set from the local eco-store. A  non-dishwasher safe item with the word ‘mara’ emblazoned over a frog.  What does that even mean?

Most Indulgent Thing: Full-price Santa Monica Sheets from Pottery Barn Kids. I just couldn’t resist this gorgeous sheet and we hadn’t spent any of our own money on anything fun.  Too expensive but we only had one sheet so totally worth it.  Now we have two sheets!

Cutest Thing: A closet full of tiny clothes on tiny hangers. I don’t care if it doesn’t last even one hot second.  Even the memory is gorgeous.

Ugliest Thing: That strap hanging off my changing table. I hate it.

Thing I Shouldn’t Have Bought: A lot of bottles from CraigsList. I was a novice at baby buying.  I admit, it was a bad decision.  But!  It came with an adorable rocking toy.

First Thing: 3-6mo. Redskins onesie. Bought Christmas Eve when D. was 12 weeks and Vegas’ first gift ever.

Most Useful Thing: Doll baby.

Most Ridiculous Thing: Doll baby.

Thing That Made Us Laugh the Most: Doll baby.

By my tally, $20.00 spent on doll babies to fake diaper and fake carry and fake strap in the car seat is worth twelve hundred times the cost of playpens and non-dishwasher safe dishes.  I have no idea how we’ll feel about things after Vegas is born, but for right now I feel like we’re sitting pretty.  On a fleet of hooded towels.

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  1. Can I ask… what’s a family cradle?

  2. it’s something her mother passed down to us. it’s rather like a normal cradle, except instead of being on rockers, it hangs from a frame.

  3. We got lucky and a friend is letting us borrow a car seat/carrier.

    I, too, love all the little clothes on the little hangers. And we’re so, so, so happy to be dressing a boy and not a girl!

    We’re waiting to see if we need a playpin. Also waiting on stroller. We’ll get something to carrier him around in – not a moby, they look complicated, but one of the more backpack types eventually. We’re very happy to have also been given a swing on loan.

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