With a Mask?

In an unbelievable twist of fate, I have gotten a cold.  This is the only speck of illness either one of us has had since our knock-down drag-out fight with the flu in November.  Last night I said to my wife, “Do you think they let people with colds into delivery rooms?”  and I wasn’t overly concerned.  At that moment I was feeling just a tiny tickle in my nose.  Something not quite right.  And then, like that, my throat started to hurt.

We chalked it up to allergies.  I downed some preventative herbs.  We went to bed.

I knew the second I turned out the light that it was more than allergies.  I tossed and turned to try and find a position that would prevent any dripping onto my throat.  I tucked my head into my chin and drifted off.  Except, I didn’t.  I cried instead, and wondered if it was too late to call my mother.  These are two main signs that we’re dealing with a cold and not allergies.  1) I like to  keep my crying to hallmark moments and not to self-pity; and, 2) I don’t ever want my mother when I’m crying.  She, Mayor of Sunny Sunshineville, is not very fond of tears.  So it was probably better that it was too late in her time zone to call.

This morning, I woke to painful swallowing and a runny nose.  I tried every resource I have.  Neti pot.  Herbs.  Gargling.  Tea.  Zinc.  Vitamin C.  Vitamin everything else.  Throat soothers.  Sheer will.  I am only getting worse.  Now I really am wondering, “Do you think they let people with colds into delivery rooms?”

And I’m stricken.

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  1. Oh no! Just try and rest…it will all be okay!

  2. Yikes! As if you both aren’t anxious enough! Get some good masks. Sounds like you’re doing everything else you can.

  3. Take Tylenol to break any fever you might possibly have. Mucinex-D to dry you up. Tell the doctors it’s only allergies and try not to breathe on the baby.

  4. Are you off work already? Because I would be tempted to just curl up and try to sleep it off. I’ve usually found with my own colds that if I give in and just get all the rest and vitamin c I need, it goes away a lot faster than if I try to ignore it.

    Well, that and maybe get a mask, just as back-up. Although I’m sure they have some at the hospital, and equally sure you’re not the first partner to be potentially going into the delivery room with a cold. As long as it’s not swine flu, I think you’re good.

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