The Supreme 2 (now with more AWESOMENESS)

You remember, we were talking about buggies.

So I browsed craigslist, hoping for some little spot of luck that would provide to me a perfect little carriage for very little cash.  You can imagine how well that went over.  I have found exactly what I’ve needed on CL in the past, but prams are a hot item and I’m not exactly living in a wealthy city where there might be strolling nannies by the dozen (here there are more handfuls).

But one day there was an ad.  A baby carriage, 10 years old but never used, stored for a decade.  The picture was taken from a distance and, although it looked like it might have been storage with a draft and a damp character, it had everything I wanted.  I couldn’t resist at the bargain price of $25.

Yes, I know.  $25.00 should have been a tip-off.  More so because I am apparently unable to make a CL visit without buying the item.  For this reason, I have to be diligent that I’m not going to visit anything I shouldn’t buy.  But you see where this is going.  Off I went, knowing full well that I was coming home with a carriage.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t take it if the wheels squeaked, but otherwise, you could consider it bought.

The buggy was located out in the mountains (clue 1) and the drive there was marked by a lack of cell phone reception (clue 2), trailer homes (clue 3), no sidewalks (clue 4) and a confederate flag flying from every other home (clue 5).  I almost turned around, but I really, really wanted a buggy.

I pulled into a non-confederate flag drive and saw the carriage.  It might have been “in storage” but it was storage without a roof, walls or windows and it looked like something heavy had been laying across it for year.  However, it had the dreamed-of white rubber wheels, and the body was in fairly good shape – a red, tweedy fabric pulled taut over the sides, only a few tears in the interior white vinyl and it didn’t squeak.  Yes, it appeared as if it was coated in 17 layers of rust, but it was coming home with me.  It didn’t squeak!

The owner helped me wheel the non-squeaking stroller to the car and heave it in, saying “You could even put a baby into this.”  Yes, I thought, you could, but I didn’t tell him that was what I planned to do.  He and his wife had bought the buggy two years ago for their daughter who had asked for a doll carriage.  When it arrived, they were both shocked at the size of the boxes.  You’d think the price would have tipped them off.  When I got home, I hauled it out of the back and D took one look at the faux wood racing stripe and the tacked on, chromed word “Supreme” (perhaps the model name?) and rolled her eyes.

All through the pregnancy I restored the Supreme.  I had my doubts that the rust would ever come off (and some didn’t) and I was unsuccessful at patching the white interior vinyl.  I did clean it from top to bottom, including the upholstery and readied it as well as I could for the baby.  I’ve been slowly convincing D that a baby could ride in the Supreme and that it isn’t a safety risk.  I’m only a little embarrassed that we’ll be rolling this moth-eaten conveyance up the block.  I have a baby buggy.  I love it. And that little tilt to the side won’t tip my baby out, probably.

Speaking of, the pretty-ugly quality the Supreme has going on is completely eclipsed by the arrival of its rider.  Welcome her, folks.  Apparently 36 hours of labor and a monumental thunderstorm will take all the power in the city and all your will to press on but will leave you with the most perfect child you could ever imagine (except, of course, your own).

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  1. Congratulations. Such a beauty. Excited for the next update and a picture of the rider in her carriage!

  2. Congrats!!! We’ve been waiting to hear how things went and to see her! Great story about the carriage.

    So happy for you three!!

  3. LOL I really need to see that beautiful baby girl ridining The Supreme, I’m sure she’ll stay right in place…

  4. more! more! I wasn’t ready for the story to end…… She’s a doll, and I love her little legs and her round tummy that’s poking out the side!


  5. that sounds like some crazy shit that only I would ever try to execute, but here you have done it. we have kindred mothering souls. what a beautiful photo.

  6. The pram sounds awesome, and she’s beautiful. Congratulations all around!

  7. oh my, she is beautiful! congrats!!

  8. She’s so beautiful!! I hope to see a picture of the Surpreme soon!

  9. She’s absolutely perfect. Congratulations!!

  10. Oh my gosh! I’m just catching up on your blog and did NOT expect that at the end of this post!! congrats! She’s beautiful!!

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