Waking Up

I have no idea how people do this.  This morning, I dragged myself out of bed at 8:00 but only after stripping off my pajamas so that I would get chilly enough that I had to get up.  I’m mostly a morning person.  I do not usually require nudity to get me out of bed.

I don’t even think we’re sleeping all that badly.  Sure, it isn’t uninterrupted, but RR sleeps in three-hour stretches punctuated by a snack and a diaper change.  There aren’t tantrums or prolonged periods of obnoxiousness.  I know it’s coming, probably tonight, but as of last night, she was still an A plus baby.  We’re each getting up once with her, although she occasionally, like this morning, stretches her 4am hello into a 430 and beyond GOOD MORNING, DAY!!!

But dragging myself out of bed at 8:00 and a 3:00-4:00 pm nap is not going to successfully get me to work.  Fortunately, I negotiated a very reduced schedule through mid-August, but come next Friday, I actually have to get up, dress, be at work by 830 and begin productively working until 500ish.  Holy shit, I’m in trouble.

How does anyone do this?  I’m not even all that distressed about leaving my infant since she’ll still be in my wife’s capable hands but who will wash the bottles?  Who will mix the formula?  Who will kiss her at her diaper changes and curse when she inopportunely pees, again?  Who will make sure she eventually passes out so my wife can sleep?  Who will keep me awake in meetings?  Who will pack my lunch?  Furthermore, who will go to the grocery store?  And, most importantly, will get me out of bed?

I’m a little concerned that we’re going to have to manage all this together when RR goes to daycare at the end of the summer.  Right now, I can’t even imagine manipulating this child into waking up any sooner or eating any later than she plans to.  She may not cry much but she has very firm opinions about what should happen when and she’s never heard of a workday.  We’re in trouble.  I’m in trouble.

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  1. I wish someone can give you answers to your questions, because I would sure love to know the answers! I am terrified of those things when I have to go back to work 8 weeks after my baby is born!

  2. One of the most wonderful things we discovered after Ryan was born was Peapod grocery delivery!! It is a HUGE blessing when you have a little one and it really doesn’t cost more than going yourself. I. Love. Peapod. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I have no idea either. I’m running on espresso at the moment, having not gotten more than 5.5-6 hours of sleep any night this week, and we’re catching a red eye flight out tonight. I was dragging myself through work today, and kept thinking “How on Earth am I going to deal with baby-induced sleep deprivation? Maybe I should have reproduced back at 19, when I didn’t need sleep.” Well, rationally I know that would have been a bad idea, but, hey, sleep deprived.

  4. Have you tried alternating nights when you get up with her? You wake up Monday night, she wakes up Tuesday night… You might be whipped come Tuesday morning, but at least you know you’ll get a whole night’s sleep that night.

  5. I second trading nights. Only way I was vaguely functional at work (sometimes). A full night does a LOT, and a night with two wake-ups isn’t all that much worse than a night with one.

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