Play it Again, Sam

One of the reasons we picked our donor was his (self-reported) musical skill.  Plays in a band.  Teaches music lessons.  Loves guitar.  Recording artist.  As my wife also plays several instruments, is a recording artist and plays in a band, we hoped we could edge up the odds for a musically inclined baby.  So, genetics taken care of, we worked on learned characteristics.

I’ve been singing to her since before she refused to come out and had to be hauled.  My wife has been singing and playing original music to her since conception.  She likes made up songs.  She likes confederate civil war era songs.  She likes songs originating in the deep south.  She likes Vivaldi.  She does not like the 15 different international Baby Einstein music gifts we received.  She LOVES Rhianna.  She is already trying to get backstage at an Eminem show.  PUT YOUR SHIRT DOWN, RR!

I’m only a tiny bit conflicted about the language and themes both artists use.  I mean, I also love Vivaldi.  But I’m a longtime Marshal Mathers fan.  Yes, I admit that.  Also, I admit my mad love for Brad Paisley, Counting Crows, Roger Whittaker, Madonna, Rob Thomas, The Eels, Tiffany, Metallica, and Gaga.  So, I’m not surprised that my daughter is surprising us with her rap predilections.  Frankly, she adores any song that has “feat.” after the artist’s name.  She likes a little collaboration, my darling.

We’re excited for the day she goes to school and comes home having banged on a drum or shaken a little plastic egg filled with noisemakers.  Music lessons, check.  She has very long fingers which we’re hoping will wrap well around the neck of a guitar or dance over a piano’s keys.  Unfortunately, my insistence about the French horn has fallen on deaf ears.  I’m afraid her very first music lesson will be why we don’t say “fuck” when our teacher asks us to sing a little ditty.  And, despite RR’s pleading, we did not write “KE$HA FEAT. P.DIDDY” in the box that said “Does your child like any specific music?”


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  1. I am suddenly feeling an urgent need to learn all the lyrics to at least a few songs that are not Christmas carols or things I learned at Girl Scout camp. Also, I think we need a radio in the house, as I have just realized that we no longer have one. I’m a terrible parent already.

    Additionally, I may have to seek out some of the music I grew up on, because I think it’s important that my children also be about to sing along with “Satisfaction” and “Four Dead in Ohio” before the age of five.

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