10 weeks!

Putting RR in day care was difficult, but apparently not as difficult as I expected.  Upon hearing the news that her classroom was going to be closed Monday, I sort of mourned the idea that I would not be going to see a movie with my wife after all.

Dear RR, I think you can chalk that up as the moment when I officially turned into a terrible mother.  Kudos for making it 10 weeks.

That said, we’re having the last of the visitors (I hope) visiting this weekend and I think we’ll be able to keep our home guest-free until October.  At that point, I’m probably going to have to give in and see my mother-in-law again, although perhaps RR will be up to a car ride there.  Pretty to think so, but right now I feel lucky if we can get out to Target and back without me having to fling myself over the backseat in search of a pacifier to cram in her mouth, getting carsick and then listening to her wail at every traffic light.  I’m. That. Awesome.

Despite my stellar mothering, RR is un-scarred, happy and neurosis-free.  Today.  She coos at us in the morning and doles out smiles every time her butt hits the changing table.  She has an enchanting dimple just above her cheeky grins and she has a bursting laugh that pops out when I’m least expecting it.  Happy baby, check.  I haven’t looked at a single baby development milestone since she was a week or so old, so I have no idea whether or not she’s doomed.  It’s a beautiful oblivion we live in.



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  1. Perfection 🙂

  2. HA!!!

    Does this make me a bad mother?

    Little man had both a cold and his first set of shots yesterday. After his shots, I dropped him off at daycare. I was doing a little happy dance in my head thinking- “haha- you have to deal with him for the rest of the day!”.

  3. She’s so cute. I’d never stop rubbing that cute little head if she were mine!

  4. Everyone has those moments where we realize nothing will be the same and it will be a bittersweet thought. It does not make you a bad mom to want to spend time with your wife, that is what babysitters are for. We have no family within an hour and our son is super attached to me so we have not had a date in almost two years. This to shall pass.
    She is gorgeous and if she is still single in 20 years can I look you up and intorduce her to my son? ;D

  5. what a cutie pants! love that little bald head of hers.

  6. She is SUCH a cute baby! Congrats on wrapping up the visitors. I’m a little jealous, but happy for you. 😉 Thanks (as always) for making me laugh. I think your blog and your wife’s are my favorites – you guys are hilarious. Neurosis or no, RR has gotten a good deal in the Mommy dept.

  7. Um, I don’t think that makes you a terrible mother at all. I think that makes you someone who was looking forward to having some time alone with her wife, which is a perfectly reasonable thing to want. Or if it’s not, our kid(s, eventually) are doomed. Because I married my wife for a lot more than to have someone to split the diaper changes with, and I intend for us to remind ourselves of that periodically.

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