Until now, RR has been a sort of glorified Tamagotchi.  Oh, I see you gasping and falling over back there because obviously I’ve been neglecting her intellectual development in favor of pressing the “feed feed feed” button.  She eats, poops, grows and needs attention.  When administered in the appropriate amounts, she lives.  And, since she’s a pretty happy baby these days, I feel like we’ve been doing it right.

I admit that I haven’t been doing some things simply because there’s no feedback.  On the plus side, I grin, she grins.  I laugh, she laughs.  Yesterday, during a screening of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, she delivered a bone-chilling, pitch perfect version of the lead actress’ scream.  We turned off the sound.  But, when I read to her, she doesn’t appear to register the illustrations or the story.  When I point to a pretty butterfly, she doesn’t seem to try to touch it.  When a band marches past, she doesn’t visibly turn from the racket.  I know that those things are developing but I catch myself wanting to skip it if I think there will be no reaction.

Yesterday, she morphed from being a Tamagotchi baby to being a person.  For example, she did some things that were cute, but not inspirational.  She giggled all through baby yoga, something she usually does at daycare but not at home.  Also, she fussed when I sat her so that she could not see out the window; like clockwork, I turned her away, she turned on the waterworks.  But the clincher was her bad day.  My little person had an off day.  Nothing in particular was wrong, she just smiled less, slept more and had less patience than she did the day before.  Except for a few smile spurts (see: baby yoga), she just seemed…glum.  This morning, she woke up stretching and smiling in her usual way.

Not until yesterday did it really register that we were raising a tiny ball of complex personality.  Thank goodness.  I could never keep those Tamagotchis alive.


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  1. You nailed it! Nice to know we’ve got another four or so weeks until we get a “person”. We don’t read to him very often, or even tell him stories. He seems so content to just sit and stare into nothing. Mostly we mimic his little wales and mock him 🙂 He is starting to “talk”, so that’s fun.

  2. You mean you haven’t gotten the kid started on Waldorf yet? For sure she’ll be the dumbest kid in Pre-k now. Maybe you should red shirt her in first grade just to make sure she’s ahead of her peers.heehee

  3. I think there’s a certain point at which, biologically, infants have to become more interactive, lest their parents loose interest and leave them to be raised/eaten by whatever the local wildlife is. That being said, it is kind of fabulous when they develop an interest in the world around them. Yay for personalities.

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