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Operation Unswaddle

Help.  RR is nearly 11 weeks old and when she sleeps alone she sleeps swaddled.  In arms, she sleeps without a problem, though not soundly, and prefers to be held/pinned snugly.  Every time we put her to sleep, she gets in one good stretch (usually 6 hours) and then she breaks out of her swaddle like the incredible hulk.  Either she’s already awake or the cooler air gets her and she’s UP.  The same hold true for naps, though the sleep stretch is much shorter.

We asked the doc when to stop swaddling her and she said “you’ll know” and I suspect the time is nigh (see: incredible hulk).  However, when we tried to put her down this week in warmer clothes (traded in a t-shirt for footies) sans swaddle, she didn’t sleep.  AT.  ALL.  At some point we’re going to have to unswaddle this child.  She’s already almost too tall when she stretches out.  How do we convince her that there’s no need to flail and wake yourself up when sleeping?  What do you know about swaddling?  Or rather, stopping swaddling?


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  1. We had to take unswaddling slowly. First swaddled with one arm out. She slept like this a while. Then wearing the swaddle tightly around her middle, with both arms out. (the first time we tried this is failed, so it was back to one arm in one out). Then no swaddle. Took about 3 weeks total (most of them, maybe 2-2.5 or of the three) with the one arm in.

    She may be ready, but being able to break out doesn’t necessarily mean she’s ready for no swaddle, so just keep an eye (which I know you will). 🙂

  2. I was wondering exactly that – if breaking out meant she was really ready. She doesn’t look ready to ME but if breaking out is the indicator, she’s in third grade already.

  3. Maybe a bigger swaddle? I’d stick with whatever helps her sleep through.

  4. Do the swaddles fasten with velcro? Because maybe the velcro is just wearing out, rather than RR having been exposed to special green radiation. (Or whatever it was that turned the Hulk into the Hulk. I don’t remember. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a spider, anyway.)

  5. Our son had to be swaddled to sleep for the first three months, unless we were holding him. At three months he spit out the pacifier and refused the swaddle blanket. Then we did the ultimate no no and put him to sleep on his stomach because otherwise he was just flailing around and staying awake all the time. We had to use Luna Lullabye blankets because they are huge or he would break out of it too.

  6. well, being that Ryan HATED to be swaddled, I’m not sure the best way to wean from swaddleing would be. However, it seems like a slow wean with exposing different body partts to the unswaddled world would work best.

  7. We also took unswaddling slowly– one arm at a time, then just around the waist. We use a sleep sack now, which works wonderfully!

  8. what about a sleep sack? it gives the vague sensation of swaddling, but without the constriction…

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