Help: Constipation

The short: RR is shouting and constipated.  What can we do?  We’re offering water but it’s extremely unpopular.

The long: After a bout of projectile vomiting (which she has since passed to D.  Fun.), the doc suggested switching her to a soy formula until her stomach could snap back.  We did and her pipes clogged up like city sewers in a storm.  Not totally surprising since she had a similar reaction to a “gentle” formula early on.  Early on – like there is an early on when your daughter is three months old.  So we swapped back to her normal old formula which used to work just fine thank you very much but she’s still having incredible trouble contributing more than a foul-smelling sticky pea to her diaper oasis.

We’ve tried offering water which she has tried refusing.  Any trick to make it more palatable?  We’ve got water based lube on hand of course but don’t know exactly how much and how to use it.  Can you wiggle a thermometer?  How so?  I’m sorry, I can’t hear you through RR’s moaning.


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  1. We had to give her prune juice cut with water – she wouldn’t take straight water, and the twice we got her to, it didn’t help.

    You can do the thermometer trick, but you don’t want to do it TOO often, or they start to, uh. rely on that.

    But um. We had SERIOUS poop issues, and ended up on a combo of regular formula (for the prebiotics) and gentle formula (for the puking) and once a day prune/apple juice cut with water.

    Every day. For months. It sucked, and man did her pee STINK. But it let her poop, so we did it.

    (We finally, just in the last 2 weeks, have transitioned her to regular-with-prebiotics formula only, no juice, with healthy amounts of yogurt and – knock on wood – so far so good.)

  2. We always have prunes on hand but, damn, she’s only three months! My Mom lovingly told me once that I wouldn’t poop and she lubed me up with a thermometer… voila! Poo!

    I’m not sure if it will work, or if it’s the best idea…. but I hope she’s feeling better soon.

  3. My son was bound up when we started food but we tried a lot of things. She is so little I am not sure if what we did will help her. We did the thermometer for stimulation, we did karo syrup in water or juice. We did long warm baths and tumy massages moving up from the right leg, across the top of the belly button and down the left side to stimulate the large bowel. We did leg pumping and bending him to move it along We also had pediatric sopositories, just used half. Eventually he would go but sometimes it was 4 days and usually in the middle of the night. My MIL called the prayer line in the middle of the night one time because he was not going. Nice. Eventually he would go but it could be a long 4 days.

  4. Very early on Noah wouldn’t poop. The doc used a vasilined (sp?) q-tip, and we tried that another time and it worked. We also used the kids liquid suppository and it worked.

    Good luck, sorry she’s sick!!

  5. This won’t (well, might not) work in this situation, but letting me babysit has always done the trick for babies in my life. Apparently, there is something about me that makes babies poop their pants. Seriously. It’s such an honor. My niece hadn’t pooped in 5 days, her mom left her with me to go to the movies and she filled three diapers in an hour. I’m would have a tiara made up, but what exactly would it say?

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