She Did Not Fold These Socks

Thank you all the help on the previous issue.  Generous applications of juice, tummy massages, manual removal and ample screaming remedied the problem to the tune of giant stinking diapers this morning.  I hope it sticks…or rather, doesn’t…and that this was an episode triggered by soy formula and not a digestive change.

That said.  I had no idea I’d be watching my wife pry poop out of my child’s ass.  Think of this as your chaser…

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  1. She is definitely feeling better. What a sweetie.

  2. She’s still just so darn adorable! Glad she’s feeling better. And yes, motherhood seems to be about having spit up and snot/boogers on you and then having to keep their feet out of the poop when changing their diaper.

  3. that is so true about the feet!

  4. LOL! Life now revolves around burps, poops, and booger hunts. I’ll take it.

  5. what a sweet smile!

  6. So glad the poop issues got resolved – I can speak from experience when I say they’re awfully shitty. (badumching)

    And man, she’s so cute!

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