Three Months Later…

Back in June, I made a note of all the baby things we’d bought or received that made a particular impact – stuff we loved, needed, didn’t need, didn’t want, etc.  Re-reading, I think my tune has definitely changed in some cases – ah, the difference 3 months makes.

I said I was most happy to have bought a sun hat.  Everything considered, three months in, that sun hat was a very important acquisition.  Had she been born in another season, it would have been a bust.  Overall though, the thing I’m most happy that we bought was also our most indulgent purchase: the full price Pottery Barn sheets.  Since RR isn’t sleeping on them yet, I get to look at them everyday and they’re like a work of art.  They simply light up my day.  I also said I shouldn’t have bought the lot of bottles from CraigsList and I was right, they were useful for only one thing: knowing which bottles we DIDN’T want.

We spent the most time agonizing over the car seat.  Let me tell you, that Graco 35 is HEAVY but we love the racing stripe, so it’s totally worth it.  It works really well with the thing we agonized over but could have decided in 3 seconds, the Graco Snugrider (snap and go).  I love that little rolling cart for its tiny footprint and easy maneuverability.  We did end up buying a second stroller, but not anything that would constitute a travel system.  I honestly thought we’d wear our baby more and the stroller wouldn’t matter, but it was a long hot summer and the Moby wrap wasn’t cutting it.  Also, RR hates carriers with a white-hot passion.

I was only 25% right about the things I was most concerned we’d never use (playpen, cradle) and the things I was concerned we’d wish we had (glider, jump swing).  We have used the heck out of that playpen and I’d be lost without it.  The others aren’t even missed/noticed though we’ve relied heavily on the rocker/recliner we already had.

As far as gifts go, I was thrilled to receive calendula cream that we never use.  We are all over Bordeaux’s Butt Paste.  At least it’s the natural kind?  Who am I kidding…  And although we received the most towels, camo diaper bags and books, the baby hates books (except for the one we bought, Little Mr. Funny) and we returned all but one camo bag, which we never use.  We have a hand-me-down bag from my sister that is so perfect, we haven’t needed the other.  The towels get used all the time and I’m glad we have a pair, but the washcloths have taken on a perpetual smell.  We are instead using tiny thin cloths from a discount store and I love them.  And I was right about the gifts I wished we’d returned.  They are all in the cup/plate arena although I’m holding out hope that those become more useful.

While I suspected that the cutest thing was the closet full of baby hangers, it is, in fact, the Hello World sleeper that I want to leave my wife for, marry and have a thousand sleep-clad children with.  I can’t convey my love for that snug fitting suit and the baby just slides right into it.  She also sleeps better with it.  It’s like a second skin.  It is hands-down the best gift we got.  I intend to buy several more in bigger sizes.  By the way, I said that the ugliest thing we had was the strap hanging from the changing table, but I seriously appreciate that strap.  It has given me peace of mind more than once.  And let me tell you, that ridiculous, laughable thing was still the most useful – Doll Baby.  We’ve stashed her in all kinds of places when we wanted to be sure RR would fit.  RR is bigger than doll baby now, but she only made it to be that big because doll baby paved her way.

We did get some other things from friends that we love and so many clothes that we’re now in shock that we have to buy new things for RR.  I’m still waging the anti-battery war (more on that later) but I think I’m slowly losing.  I have learned that dull shades, browns and black and whites are positively yawn inducing compared to eye-blinding colors.  And that she doesn’t care about faces so much as she cares about our faces.  I’m sure I’ll have a completely different perspective in another 3 months.  In the meantime, go check out Hello World!*


*P.S. Hello World did not pay me in sleepers to pimp them.  Though they can.  If they want to.  They can pay me in thousands of perfect sleepers.




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