Bowled Over By Events

I’m at my desk with a significant pile of things to work through in advance of a two-day trip away from home.

Away. From. Home…and my wife, and the baby, and the howling, etc. etc.

There are upsides to this, of course.  Sleep, definitely.  Also, see howling above.  But also clear downsides – as in, I didn’t get to hold RR for more than a few minutes yesterday before she crashed for the night.  My entire physical contact with her was to dress her in the morning and then pick her up from the floor at daycare.  D took care of everything else while I:

  • Protected my best work clothes from possible baby contributions, seeing as I had to look high falutin yesterday and less, well, babyfied.
  • Walked the dog since he heeds my wrath far more than he does my wife’s.

Her: M, get out of the bushes.  Please!
M, come here before I turn your heinie around and take you home.  Now.
Heh, heinie.  Okay, mama.

  • Talked to my mother, a much needed check-in for but a few weeks of peace.  Since, much like the dog used to do when he was a puppy, RR can’t distinguish talking on the phone from talking to her and she melts down in confusion.  Sorry mom, I’ll have to steal away under the cover of night to talk again.  Codeword: Peanut.
  • Cooked dinner.  Which, I’d like to note was actually a dinner, with vegetables.  One of the first we’ve managed since school started and RR headed to daycare and we all got violently ill and laziness possessed us like a seven-headed devil and so forth.  Vegetables!

But I didn’t get to hold my daughter.  Sorry peas, next time you lose.

So I’ll be headed to Baltimore for a conference at which I have to present and I’m having a bit of dread.  I don’t mind at all the public speaking part, it’s just part of life, but I do mind negotiating strangers in a strange place and having to go to strange lunches and dinners and make strange small talk.  AND I’m blowing all the anti-anxiety pills on the dentist this week.

I am the most fun to be around ever.

In other news:  die right now from the cuteness.

4 Responses

  1. That is stinkin’ cute. Good luck at your conference!

  2. Simply adorable! But we can’t see her bald little head 🙂

    Good luck with the trip. We can’t even imagine letting a friend keep Noah for a night.

  3. She’s such a cuttie!!! It’s clear why you miss her so much…

    Next time peas must lose!

  4. Good luck with the conference, and all of the attendant making nice with strangers. (If it’s not already over, that is. In which case, I hope it went well.)

    I am slain by the cuteness.

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