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I successfully managed to leave my wife and kid for two nights and come home to find them both in one piece.  It’s true, I expected that D would be supremely capable and would probably handle my absence far better than I would hers.  Had she not been hampered by the beginnings of a cold, she might have single-handedly raised RR into a world-class violinist during my time away.  As it was, I came home to find that she and RR had been in baby basic training and had somehow transformed my adorable infant into a full-blown baby.

A baby with smells.  Bathe-me-more-often smells.

She suddenly can gently grip her pacifier ring ever so delicately with her thumb and finger and I swear I saw her extend her pinky as if at high tea with the queen.  She might have grown out of her size two diapers.  Fortunately though, she has timed that beautifully, leaving us with relatively few size 2s to contend with.  Speaking of, what do you all do with spare, out of the box, diapers when Junior outgrows a size?  Our dipes donation depot doesn’t want anything already opened.

Also on the accomplishment list: grabbing at and clutching toys, associating 1-2-3 with being dunked under the shower and grinning about it, sleeping with her legs unswaddled and growing more hair.  Coming in as my personal favorite is grabbing her feet.  I have been waiting SO LONG for this moment and she did it for a hot second this morning and then let go.  After watching me exclaim and cavort she refused to do it again and promptly fell asleep.  I’m so excited for feet grabbing I can’t possibly explain.  Hey, everyone has their favorite milestones.  I’m sticking with feet.

Off for more shots tomorrow.  God, how I missed the screaming.  Can’t wait.


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  1. You can always Freecycle those diapers!

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