Halloween, you guys.  The madness.

Approaching Halloween for the first time with a baby in tow is not any different from wandering into a crocodile pit covered in raw chickens.

Me: I didn’t think we’d dress her up or anything this year.
D: Um…what were you thinking?  Of course we’ve got to dress her up. [emails three dozen costume ideas]
Me: Oh.  Well let’s go buy her something.

Me: What do you mean this ill-fitting tiger onesie is $30.00?!?

So, having seen a mermaid costume and having realized that my mother programmed me to sew from practically the womb and dammit I was going to use all those lost years sample stitching fabric scraps for something sohelpmegod, I set out to sew her a mermaid costume.  And I did awesome.  Aside from an overestimation on fabric, I produced a well-fitting mermaid tail, complete with scales from no pattern at all without a hitch.  I know.  I couldn’t manage to get the top on right-side out AND we decided to forgo the seashell boobs AND any sort of long hair AND we’re going to have to resort to velcro to hold the tail on to her small self BUT it’s still totally cool.  And when she kicks her feet?  The tail flops. The cuteness.

On the other hand, there are some Halloween shenanigans I hadn’t expected beside the cost of a child’s costume.  1) the “Halloween as native culture” debate at the day care which is really a war against a sneak anti-sweets attack in…disguise (ha); 2) the number of friends who have encouraged us to wheel our child up to doors and trick-or-treat, nevermind that she isn’t old enough to enjoy the treats and her only trick is what she’s getting on her tail (if you know what I mean); and, 3) RR is a great excuse to join in the costumed festivities for people who don’t otherwise feel like they have a place – and we’re bringing them all along with us for the ride!

Who knows if they’ll still be having fun after a mermaid-induced meltdown?


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  1. Oooooh, too cool!

    Due to total lack of craftiness, our son will be in a discount robot costume from a well known children’s store. I was vetoed on my idea to simply iron letters onto a onsie that say “tax deduction”.

  2. nice craftyness (is that a word?? If not, oh well.. I just made it up)… I’m sure that she is going to look oh so cute! I hope we get to see a picture of that costume, with her in it!

  3. That is pretty cool…you’re very crafty.

  4. Wow, that’s more than impressive! Can’t wait to see the pics.

    We’re terrible, we’re not doing Halloween (we never did it before him, and will try to wait until he wants to do it). We even decided against a Christmas outfit because it’s just the three of us and we didn’t think a photo-op was necessary. Although, we might cave on that the closer Christmas gets.

    • I hear you – D is much more christmasy than I while I’m much more halloweeny. I’m not sure what that says about me 😉 but we’re planning to play christmas by ear!

  5. Pardon my asking, but what is the “Halloween as native culture” debate?

    Also, if I promise to knit your child a sweater or something, would you sew ours a costume next year? That’s one of those crafty skills I haven’t quite managed to master yet.

    • Stay tuned on the Halloween/culture topic. Also, tails are my only specialty I think, so unless yours wants a tail, I’m no use!

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