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It Wasn’t the Candy

Ask anyone, our daughter is a delight.  A mellow, smiling, unhurried, blissful baby.  Gone are her demon ways and her epic tantrums.  And I absolutely know what I’m talking about.  I’m the mother of a four-month old after all.

Obviously, you get the humor there, I wouldn’t expect anything less of you.

I thought Halloween meltdowns were reserved for slightly older kids.  Kids who consumed truck loads of candy, ran around like insane little hobgoblins and then spiraled into phenomenal puddles of screaming chaos.  I’ve blamed this on the candy and the costumes, after all, if I’m all riled up eating crazy and dressing crazy, who’s to say my child won’t go around acting crazy?

RR had no such sugar-filled excuse.  But had I had my Holmesian cap on I’d have spied with my monocled eye the signs of impending collapse.  A Halloween parade on Friday meant that mamas 1 and 2 arrived at day care early, armed with a camera to watch RR on parade.  Scores of folks cooed at our fish-tailed babe while she blushed and batted her fin at them.  On Saturday, we shushed her from room to room while we did housework from top to bottom and then bundled her off to Target ignoring her short fuse.  That evening, my sister arrived and RR took her signature way out after supper – closing her eyes and powering down.  On Sunday,  she looked a little desperate around the edges, fussing at her normally beloved aunt and taking a longer than usual nap.  Cavalierly, we carted her (and her costume) off to a packed trick-or-treating event where she braved hundreds of families (with kids and without) in costume.  It was a gorgeous day and she was fairly patient, even as she was cooed at by strangers, passed from person to person and the object of photo ops.  Remarkably, we kept our wits enough to notice the signs of impending collapse and promptly left the event…only to proceed to a party at a friend’s house.

Oh how quickly a lovely mermaid becomes a terrible kelpie, luring you to death.It’s hard to make the right decision in the middle of the storm.  Is it a doorway or a bathtub during an earthquake?  Is it “duck and cover” or “shelter in place”?  When your baby is screaming, do you leave the party or take her to a quiet room to calm down?  Whatever the right answer was, we didn’t do it.

At four months, RR is mellow, smiling, unhurried and blissful.  She is also shy, reticent with strangers, quiet and introverted.  For now, we’ll be learning how to navigate social situations armed with a teeny tiny grenade.  Duck and cover!

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3 Responses

  1. Absolutely the most adorable mermaid/tiny grenade I’ve ever seen!

  2. That is a very cute costume on a very cute baby.

    Also, um… what kind of stroller is that? We’re starting to consider such things, and while a stroller isn’t topping our list of priorities, I’m still kind of looking for ideas.

  3. So sweet!!

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