Not An Actual Developmental Stage

I’d like to tell you that my child slept through the night last night.  She is 19 weeks old tomorrow and she slept from 10:00 to 5:30 and was delightful and charming on either end.  I’m a new person.

Yes internet, I did just do a little skip.  I got all of the full-blown cheering out of the way this morning as soon as I had finished screeching, “IS SHE DEAD?!?!”  Spoiler: not dead.

I’d like to know if any of your babies went through the Over-caffeinated Cracked-out Squirrel stage?  When I walk into her room in the morning – yes, her room, we moved that tiny rascal OUT – she is kicking and thwapping her legs onto the mattress, smile stretched wide all over her body, and is generally acting like ten thousand maniacs.  No Nat, not that sort.

I will never object to having a happy morning baby.  It’s just that sometimes, I’m afraid I’ll try to pick her up and end up with a black eye.  That child has never been so happy as she is each morning when she morphs from angelic, sleeping waif to a maniacal, hooting Rockette with a penchant for planting her high kicks right up your nose.
btw: one of the recommended tags for this post was “Yale University”…wonder whether it was the over-caffeinated squirrels or the hooting rockette?

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  1. Beezy is totally hyper in the morning–flinging appendages everywhere! But she’s generally squirmy though.

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