Three days before we had RR, I came down with a coldOh, I lamented (no, seriously, there was A LOT of moaning and laying about) this is the worst possible time to get sick.  And actually, it was.  With generous applications of elderberry syrup and echinacea (and maybe a fair amount of scared to death) the cold disappeared with the arrival of the child.  Best cure for a cold ever.

In three days, we leave for Wyoming…on a plane…several layovers…with the baby…to my grandmother’s memorial…and everything hurts.  Ears, throat, back.  It’s the worst time ever to have a cold! (lament, lament)  Probably a fair amount of this is stress.  But I’m blaming the baby as the trigger.  She has a new and particularly fetching habit.  She sneezes unexpectedly and right into your mouth.  Even if she didn’t have a cold (which she usually doesn’t) I’m pretty sure I would come down with something right then and there – yuck.

So wish me luck and wish me well.  A cold AND a baby on a plane?  I’ll give my fellow passengers something to lament about.  Worst timing ever.


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  1. I’ve always had really good luck taking Zinc for colds and such. Just don’t ever take it on an empty stomach. You might also consider wearing a mask on the plane – to protect you, not others. Worst sick I’ve been was from plane germs.

    Good luck and be well!! Can’t wait to hear how the travels go!!

  2. I’ve been trying to make a joke about those little bottles of booze and babies for five minutes now. I’m mentally exhausted, not to mention a total failure. Good luck with the flight and a speedy recovery! 🙂

  3. Just relax, really it will relieve your anxiety and make you feel better. Take a long hot soak, and quit working yourself up about the flight. People know that babies get on planes every day, if they didn’t want a baby to possible scream for 6 hours they should have driven! We flew with our little one and I panicked and ended up giving her benedryl but she didn’t need it she was fine, it was me that needed it.

  4. Zinc and vitamin C… and have lots of water to drink on the flight (not the water the flight attendant will give that comes from the airplane’s water tank) even though this means you have to pay three bucks per bottle of water in the airport because the department of security theatre won’t let you bring your own water past the magic gates.

    • Thanks for the tip! We’re definitely getting water past the gates otherwise by the time we get to the other side of the country we’ll be shriveled husks.

  5. Whoa ho ho. Sneezing in your mouth? Reminds me of the time my baby barfed in mine.
    Only your babies can get away with that.

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