High Expectations

In years past I’ve written every day in the months of November and December.  With blogging challenges in both months (nanoblomo and holidailies, respectively), I’ve really enjoyed the sorts of things that come out when I write every day.  Some really great things and, admittedly, a fair amount of just okay stuff.

This year, I skipped November in favor of aiming for the smaller community of Holidailies bloggers.  There’s feedback and it’s rewarding.  But here’s the thing – November and December are already my angsty months.  Travel, family, cooking catastrophes.  All pose challenges to daily wit but writing every day about a baby?  Practically impossible.  No, seriously.

So here’s the thing: we’re all sick, we’re all pitiful,  we’re all complaining.  The chances I’m going to have anything more interesting to say tomorrow?  Slim.  Here’s this as a reward for joining me in realizing life is completely different:


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  1. That is a seriously beautiful baby. And thanks for the reminder that, with Holidailies, it’s okay if each day isn’t brilliant.

  2. What a gorgeous little face.

    I took most of a year hiatus from my blog after my son was born, even though I had intended to write every day so we would always have a record of that year. Life is what happens when you’re making other plans, right?

    Hope we’ll get some more pictures as Holidailies goes along!

  3. Sorry to hear y’all are sick! But oh my goodness, the sheer cuteness is almost overwhelming!! You just want to eat her up!!

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