We don’t protect RR from television.  It’s on in the house and we watch all sorts of things.  It’s a luxury we kept when we trimmed everything else down.  We recently watched Rudolph, but also Walking Dead (tiger!) and she was in the room with us.  Certainly there are reasons to protect her from some types of programming and there are fleets of people (we know a lot of them) who think television in any amount is inappropriate.  That’s not up for debate here, since as you know, on this site we practice not judging everyone else for being a bad parent.  It’s all beer and slim jims here.  Sort of.

What we are chatting about is those stealthy devils at Disney and their buddies at Warner Brothers.  So far, RR has shown little interest in the television aside from being distracted by the noise and light.  But then we put on Rudolph and she showed a touch of interest in the stop motion figures.  I assumed she was enchanted by the singing.  It’s her go-to vice.  I didn’t think much of it (aside from, of course, oh how cute you little baby sweetie darling goo goo goo! or something like that).  I didn’t think much of it until several days later D called me over to look at our daughter.

This happens a lot at my house.  Hey (softly) come over here and look!  Hurry!  And invariably she’s doing something painfully cute like clapping or sitting or breathing.

So I peeped over the edge of the chair she was sitting in (you have to peep around here, lest you ruin it all by catching her attention) and she was gasping and writhing as she stared at the cartoon Pluto on my wife’s empty juice glass.  She reached for him, she cooed at him; it plain appeared she was going to up and elope with him if either of them could walk.  There’s something about animation that gets her all stirred up.  Generations of kids have been on to something.  There’s a reason Bugs and Dora, Mickey and Belle are preferred over CSI and Survivor.

I’m not sure how to avoid this as she gets older.  If she wants to snatch Pluto off the glass now, what will it be like when it’s time to buy her a backpack and pencil case?  I suspect we’ll limit what we can and suck this one up as a battle against something too vast to face.  And, to some extent I don’t want to.  In the meantime, too bad for her we don’t watch a lot of cartoons.


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  1. N is like that with Chica from Sprout’s Sunny Side Up show. It’s FRIGHTENING. (and adorable.)

  2. Beezy loves tv. Especially Dexter, of all things!

  3. I don’t know Chica and have yet to see Dexter so clearly there’s a whole new world for both us and RR!

  4. I was watching The Walking dead one morning and had to put Noah in his swing where he couldn’t see it because I felt bad.

    We’re stocking up on dvds of old stuff because I hate the new stuff. We’ve got the Looney Tune collections and early Seasme Street. Although we have lots of sponge bob (from way before he was born).

    Ching has him watch food shows with her on weekends!

  5. I watched Top Chef a couple of days ago with a baby a bit younger than RR. She seemed mildly interested, but then, she seemed equally interested in watching me knit. So I don’t know what that says.

    I’m a little afraid our Pineapple will develop an inordinate love for something PB and I find truly obnoxious, and that we will be subjected to it night and day.

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