6 month old eats!

This is not exactly a science is it?  The feeding of the child.  I haven’t gotten the sense that anyone has a perfect sense of what to do next.  As usual, there is tome upon tome of advice.  Feed her now.  Later. Carrots.  No, no, NOT carrots! 2 tablespoons.  Or six.  Or 5 times a day.  Or once.  But wait 3 days.  No, a week.  Purees.  The right kind only.  Cheerios.  Sippy cups.  But not now.  But soonWhy haven’t you begun?

It’s probably no surprise to all of you that I’m baffled at all of the conflicting advice.  And, as usual, we’re just meandering along, hoping for the best.  In fact, we’ve been trying to feed her for the last month.  RR, would you like this rice cereal?  RR, would you like to clean that off the wall?  We gave it a go with a banana or two, only to find out that banana stains.  A lot.  And then we found out that RR’s intestines don’t love a banana.  Hey kid, I don’t blame you.  Suddenly, an impulse buy of sweet potatoes enticed our little catapult into taking in substance instead of spraying it all over our faces.

Enthused, I whipped up a batch of homemade sweet potatoes.  I didn’t cloth diaper, we couldn’t breast feed, the baby won’t be worn, but by god I will make that baby her own food.  She wouldn’t eat them.  Fortunately, with some serious diluting and blending, she enthusiastically downed them and asked for more.  I am actually helping keep my child alive.  It’s the most amazing feeling.  It boggles my mind that she will eventually survive on just FOOD.

Next on the docket, homemade pears (she loved the jarred ones), another crack at avocados (not a fan) and bananas.  And maybe, if we’re feeling brave, peas.  I’ll make sure to get out the face shields.  But holy cow!  I’m feeding a baby!


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  1. That’s awesome! We just started rice cereal because beezy was grabbing my food during dinner. We figured she was trying to tell us something. But feeding real food is overwhelming. We haven’t a clue what we are doing. Right now I consider it a success if she swallows the food!

  2. lmao! Noah loves bananas. In fact, now that’s all he’ll eat. No more cereal – homemade rice or oatmeal, and no more avocado. So I trick him and put the oat cereal in his banana mash. The faces he makes before simply pushing it out of his mouth are hilarious. Tomorrow we’ll puree some sweet potatoes, then it’s on to applesauce and pears.

    It is crazy. And our poor boy is going through a growth spurt and is starving all the time. I swear he weighs more every day.

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