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It’s the new year, y’all and apparently some folks (not you, constant reader) need a reminder to play nice.  Comments about my personality such as “Oh, you’re the epitome of brilliance!” and “Oh, you’re a virulent shrew!” don’t add anything to the conversation.  I don’t mind the complements, of course, but it hurts my feelings when you’re mean.  Keep it to yourself and I won’t have to block your comments – that means I don’t see them either so your meanness will be for naught.

Carry on!



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  1. Really?? People are posting mean comments?? I never understand that.


  2. I know! Perhaps my amazing sense of humor blinded them to my generous soul and sweet-nature. 😉

  3. who was mean?! how rude! i got one of those “anonymous” comments the other week. silly her, she didn’t know that wordpress lets you match IP addresses so i figured out who she was and called her on it.

  4. fortunately it wasn’t a regular reader!

  5. People were really doing that? That’s ridiculous.

  6. Internet + anonymity = jackass commenters

    I’m sorry that happened to you.

  7. wow, so sorry to hear that happened. why would one follow these blogs if not to be supportive (and occasionally vicariously reminded of the joy and magnitude of one’s own journey)?

  8. I’m sorry to hear about the negative comments. I think that some nasty negative people think that anonymity gives them the opportunity to bash what they don’t understand or agree with. It’s a shame that you had to deal with someone like that. It’s a shame someones parents didn’t teach them not to say anything if they can’t say something nice. It’s a shame most parents don’t teach that principal anymore.

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