Go Fish!

On the cusp of seven months, we went to RR’s first swimming lesson.  I think we were more excited than I can explain (or than I’d want to admit).  We’re water babies ourselves, the sort that pick ocean vacations over mountains and who have been known to pay a ridiculous amount in rent/gym fees/hotel stays just to be near a pool.  Finding out RR had no complaints about water from the start was one of our first parenting miracles.

Swim lessons around here start at six months and we’ve been biding our time.  I say biding but I actually mean constantly checking the city pools’ site to see if the enrollment link had been activated and trying her swimsuit on over and over just to exclaim at her cuteness.  And yes we do like to go to the grocery on a Saturday night.  Don’t underestimate the lengths we’ll go to for a good time!

Yesterday was the day.  We slipped her into her suit and then into her snowsuit and hauled her off to the pool.  I spent most of the drive trying not to think about what would happen if she cried which she was most certain to do given the distinct lack of baths in her life.  Seriously, I can count on one hand the times she’s sat in a pool of water – mainly, she’s a showering fool – but of those times, she was only grouchy once.  Or twice.  Okay, she doesn’t like a bath much.  And I was worried.

I was practically birthed into a pool locker room (thanks mom.) and so the whole locker, changing, negotiating a thousand small swim lesson bodies felt pretty routine.  Our timing was perfect and we got to class just in time for roll call and getting wet.  It was the most humid place I’d been in months.  Heaven.  The class had three teachers and 10 babies and the water was super comfortable.  I was a teensy bit terrified of what she might do when I walked down the steps into the water, but I shouldn’t have been.

There seemed to be a couple of approaches to swim lessons.  Tears and maniacal splashing.  RR approached the entire lesson with a solemn attitude better reserved for Benedictine monks.  She didn’t splash.  She didn’t cry.  Or blink.  Or show any emotion whatsoever.  She did lounge around like a sunbathing lizard.  She blissfully let us float her on her stomach and get her face wet.  She ignored the other participants with a calm bordering on oblivion.  While she wasn’t willing to blow bubbles, she tipped off the wall into the water without a complaint.  I turned her on her back and she just about dozed off.

Our baby nearly fell asleep while swimming.

I’m not sure if that’s an endorsement, but I’m going to assume it’s favorable.  I mean, just look at this:

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  1. OMG, she is too cute. I had a similar experience with my son. Only it was at the dentist. He fell asleep in the chair getting his teeth cleaned at 3 yrs. old. Never happen to me. He was just a relaxed kid. Dentist loved it and put a pic of it on his wall. Took the credit for himself. lol

  2. Adorable! We took our babes swimming for the first time last week and were worried as well. They had much the same reaction that RR did,- they were ok. Not happy, not upset, just ok.

    One thing that was tough to nogotiate was the post swim locker room. Trying to keep cold wet babies happy and clean while changing them out of their suits proved to be a challenge.

    So glad you enjoyed yourselves!

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