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Invisible Wolverines?

So tell me – why is my child no longer sleeping through the night?

My blissful sleeper, never a problem, minimal fusser, now cries two or three times a night.  She’ll go immediately back to sleep if you stick a pacifier in her mouth.  Which we do.  We don’t pick her up or talk to her or turn on a light.  In and out and back to sleep she goes.  If we ignore her, she cries harder and then becomes inconsolable.  THAT takes actual soothing and I’m so not up for that at 12am and 2am.

So what is it?  She eats a huge solid dinner at 630 and then naps till 8 and has a bottle.  Back to sleep she goes.  There is no stopping the nap-which-is-not-sleep since she wakes up happy for about an hour at 8 before going back down.  Totally different from wake-ups at night.  At seven months, she has no teeth or teeth bumps.  She will be a toothless old woman at the age of 2.

Could she be cold?  Could she be hungry?  Could there be hidden, invisible teeth?  Could there be hidden, invisible wolverines eating her toes?  I’m inclined to leave well enough alone and suffer the wake-ups since she has been a sleep through the nighter for weeks at a time in the past.  People, please advise.


12 Responses

  1. Wish I had an easy answer, our 15 month old is recently doing the same thing and it’s horrible. She used to sleep like a log all night long from 8p to 8a and the last few weeks she cries on and off through out the night. She usually never fully wakes up, just cries for several minutes and passes back out.

    • though I’m not happy that’s happening to you, I’m so glad to know someone else has secret wolverines at their house! here’s to sleeping through the night again soon!

    • Bobbie – I’m sorry to hear that this might happen again later…and of course, sorry it’s happening to you now!

  2. Until a month ago beezy also slept through the night. For us, her wake-ups are teething. Perhaps RR is also teething? Not all babies get “teething bumps.” that’s what our pediatrician said anyway. Any other symptoms? Excessive saliva/chewing? Diarrhea? Low grade fever? Or is it just the sleeping?

  3. Is she more anxious and needy during the day at all? Maybe some passing separation anxiety? Ours circles back through a new, more sophisticated level of anxiety every four months, or so.

    • c storm – no separation anxiety yet but she remains extremely reticent (and a little angry) around strangers. We’ll keep an eye on the separation part. That’s make the stranger cocktail even more fun!

  4. Max once himself up in the middle of the night by yelling “CAKE!” It was hysterical~!!! Maybe RR is dreaming.

  5. My guess would be that a developmental leap’s a’comin’. Henry used to sleep even more poorly than normal (if such a thing is possible) right around the time of new skill acquisitions – rolling over, sitting up, crawling, etc. Our pediatrician said that babies tend to work these things out in their minds at night, and it messes with their sleep terribly. Maybe it’s related to the new rolling-over skill? Or perhaps a new surprise is on the horizon! Good luck and best wishes for more sleep again soon.

    • Megan – i hope there is another one coming. I’d hate to be wasting sleep over the VERY LATE INDEED rolling over that just got here!

  6. i bet it’s teeth! making their way through…or that she is having vivid dreams, which is pretty common at this age, since developmentally she is learning so much! hopefully in a couple of weeks it well get back to normal!

  7. I realize this is rather belated, but I happened to have a thought. I have no idea if this actually has anything to do with it, but I wonder if the pacifier itself could be part of the problem? I remember reading somewhere that after a certain age, babies develop enough memory and what have you to be aware, at least when they pass through the lighter phase of sleep, that conditions have changed while they were sleeping. So if she’s going to sleep with the pacifier, and it’s falling out while she’s asleep, she may be noticing that it’s not in her mouth any more when she hits the lighter sleep stage, and that’s what’s setting her off. Once you restore the pacifier, all is well again. (Until the next cycle or so…)

    Like I said, I have no idea if that’s actually what’s going on with RR, but that did occur to me last night (kind of randomly, but then, a lot of my thought processes these days are fairly random), and I thought I’d at least mention it.

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