Not You Guys

Going on my list of things not to say to parents:  “Oh just wait, you’re so eager for her to crawl (walk, talk, etc. etc.) and as soon as she does you’ll just want her to stay still (stop, be quiet, etc.)”

You guys aren’t surprised cause you know us by now, but saying things like that doesn’t make us like you any better.  Not you of course, those other guys.  My daughter is nine months old.  It’s time for her to gain some independence.  Put something into her mouth on her own.  Hold her own bottle.  Crawl.  She’s a perfect little human, but her playmates are outpacing her and she is getting – literally – run over.  And I don’t actually want to have an infant for years and years.  I love that she’s getting bigger, older and learning more skills.  Sure, Babyville is wonderful and I’ll be a bit nostalgic when we move into Toddlerhood but holy cow, how much fun will that be?!  We are sucking every last bit of goodness out of her tiny, gummy, immobile self.  So stash those good intentions.  No need to tell us how much we’ll miss this her.  We will totally miss this baby but we’ll be so busy happily keeping up with the new one, the fond memories will be just that.

Not you of course, those other guys.

Speaking of other guys, Grannie and Pop Pop (I’m trying to make those happen, but I don’t know if it’s working) are visiting and we’re at the beginning of a two and a half week stretch.  Leaving aside for a minute the fact that RR still hasn’t warmed up to them (sigh), I’m delighted they are here for spring and at a point where she is on the tippy edge of Amazing.  A tooth bump, I’m sure of it.  Hands and knees in the crib.  Scooting backward at school.  All those things have happened in the last few days and I’m sure we are on the brink of a truckload of new skills.  People, she actually bit down on a piece of watermelon.  Crazy.

You know what, I had no idea I could love anything as much as I love our family.  I’m crazy caught up in them.  I feel like I can tell you all that because you won’t judge me for being so completely sappy.  Or at least, you’ll do so from over there, which, I totally get that.  I’ve been there.

Speaking of crazy in love, check in on Linus will you?  He, Simon, Dexter and mamas are the picture of it.



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  1. Sappy, perhaps, but I do love it. 😀

    (and she will move, in her own good time. not telling you not to be impatient or anything like that, I promise. ;-))

  2. Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun. And I’m with you. Babyhood is great, but dammit I wanna see some crawling. And I’d also like the Beeze to hold her own bottle. I get it.

  3. I meant to reply to this earlier, but anyway.

    I totally get it. I remember back when Critter was tee-tiny (and we were so worried and stressed out all.the.time), and everyone kept telling us that we should relish that tiny-fragile-blobby stage, because they don’t stay that way for long. All I can say is thank you to any god/dess you can name that they don’t. I do get a little nostalgic when we have to stow away yet another cute outfit he’s grown out of, but… I would never in a million years wish to go back to the stage where he first started wearing it. I loved Critter then, but I *enjoy* him so much more now. And I’m doing my best to enjoy where he’s at now for all it’s worth, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to all the new developments down the road.

    Plus, I hate the “just wait till s/he does ____, you’ll soon wish s/he didn’t anymore” comments anyway, because they sort of imply that parenthood is nothing but a long progression of bad to worse, and that hasn’t been my experience at all. (You know, with the almost three months of it I’ve got under my belt at this point.)

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