RR and Her Ways

As you all know, RR is fabulously reticent.  If fabulously means angrily and reticent means sobbing.  Okay, that’s a tiny exaggeration, but yes, mom, she has been this stranger-shy since she was born.  And no, she was actually this way when you saw her last summer, those howls you ignored were actually her way of telling you she’d like to see her mamas now.  PLEASE.  Oh granny, you crazy thing, you.  GIVE ME MY MAMAS.

But!  She’s getting better!  If better means silently, sternly watching you for any hint that you might attempt to cuddle her, sobs tucked right behind those pouting lips.  We left her at daycare the other day with someone we’d never seen before and managed to leave before the thunderclouds had fully gathered.  This isn’t actually different from normal. We accept that this is our little nugget of tears and assume that you’re not taking it personally.  What was different was that woman we left her with.

I’d never seen her before in my life.

A few days ago, I’d have told you that I was pretty easy-going about daycare.  But we’ve been taking this child to school since August and we walk down the hall and say hello to the teachers and substitutes come into RR’s room and we know them and they all know her name.  They know about her.  And her ways.  This woman was happily sitting on the floor and while there was another set of parents there, they seemed unfazed by her presence. However, since their boy is nicknamed Dennis the Menace (for good reason), I doubt they were exactly worried about him.  This woman didn’t know RR’s name but did seem to know about her.  And her ways.  But I watched my daughter turn from a grinning fool to a tiny time-bomb and I knew the right thing to do was to ask the woman who she was. But I didn’t.  I left my child there, clouding up.  As she does.

By the time I got to the end of the hall, I was uncomfortable enough that we waited for a staff member we recognized and she verified that she knew the person in that room.  Can you believe I still wasn’t quite satisfied?  She had only called.  She didn’t see her.  And then I sat there at work, wondering if that woman, blessed with a bit more self than your average person, could haul my baby under one arm and flee Dennis the Menace fast enough to get to the chain link fence and clamber over before anyone could see her. That’s when I realized I was easy-going if easy-going means silently lying in wait waiting to chew up and swallow evil-doers in one gulp.  With my sharp teeth.

I wonder what else I’m easy-going about?

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  1. So, last week, on a day I was home with the baby, there was this film crew shooting some commercial in my neighborhood. Everyone on my block had to move our cars, but apparently the film crew decided that they would really rather I move mine a little bit farther away. So this guy knocked on the door, which I answered with babe in arms, and he asked how hard it would be for me to move my car. I said that I’d have to stick Critter in his carseat, and that he probably wouldn’t like that, but that it could be done. The guy then offered to get one of the ladies from the film crew to hold Critter while I moved the car. I kind of suspect the look I gave him suggested that if one of his crew, regardless of gender, was holding my baby it would be over my rapidly cooling corpse, because he got very conciliatory, and gave me an extra coffee gift card “for all my trouble”. And I thought I was pretty easy-going, too.

    • I’d have wanted that extra card. There’s not enough coffee in the world that can make up for a lovely afternoon spoiled by an uncalled for crying jag!

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